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Khalil: Tomorrow we’ll see the sky sparking with Jewels By: Abdelfatah Arman*
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May 31, 2010 - 8:55:18 PM


Khalil: Tomorrow we’ll see the sky sparking with Jewels

By: Abdelfatah Arman*



The Dalai Lama said: peace in the sense the absence of war, which is of little value to a person dies of hunger or cold. It will not remove the pain of the suffering caused to a prisoner of conscience. It will not cool down the same of those who lost loved ones in the flood caused by meaningless desertification in a neighboring country. Peace can be preserved only when the remains of human rights, where it feeds people, and where individuals and nations are free. As you may know, that the Dalai Lama is the supreme religious leader of Tibetan Buddhists, who was the head of the state and spiritual leader in Tibet until 1959.


 The government is now pursuing Dr. Khalil Ibrahim, head of the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) from one capital to another in order to sign a peace agreement, or rather a capitulation agreement while the Government military is still burning down villages, and the girls are still being raped, women widowed, and children are still orphans in displacement camps waiting for foreign aid.

Since the signing of the Framework Agreement in the Qatari capital of Doha between the government, represented by National Congress Party (NCP) and the Justice and Equality Movement, we had a clear opinion on the agreement - was published in the after the signing of this Framework- is that the NCP didn’t not signed to implement it, but being used to campaign for elected president Omar Hassan Albasher, which was revealed later. The Justice and Equality Movement led by Dr. Khalil Ibrahim, protested on the path of the Doha negotiations as early as describing the non-neutrality of the mediator country and the JEM warned the mediators that if the NCP didn’t stop bringing the rebels factions to Doha they would not reach an agreement with them, but the mediators didn’t give a rat rear back to the JEM leadership warnings. Everyone knows, the rebels factions were brought to Doha by the NCp do not have any political and or military contributions to the cause, except for statements being aired out by agents or subcontractors on their behalf, and most of them brought to Doha wanted to enter Khartoum under the swords of justice and equality that swept most of Darfur region. After the JEM leadership left Doha to Egypt these small movements stuffed in hotels in Doha, they request to postpone negotiations until the presence of justice and equality! Apparently, this call was meant to sympathy with the JEM leadership. However, the NCP has refused to sign a deal with these small movements only if they –the NCP- signed with the JEM. Then they will ask the JEM leaders to ceded some of their share in the wealth and power. This is not surprising due to the fact that the NCP has had a record of signing peace agreements, but not honoring them. They in 1992 and 1997, the NCP sold Riek Machar and Lam Akol (birds in the air) and will not hesitate to sell them to others.

 Qatari mediation failed to be a neutral intermediary and kept Dr.  Khalil Ibrahim, in a farm in as a semi-prisoners, and pressured him to sign a peace agreement with the NCP. Khalil and his delegation felt that what on the table doesn’t fulfill the demands of the people of Darfur, and they refused to sign it. That was predictable because Qatar is a new comer to the field of mediations, and they don’t have experience on how to solve disputes. In addition, to Qatar close relationship with the NCP, which deprived it of the status of neutrality.

Khalil Ibrahim, tried to go to Eritrea at the invitation of the President, Isaias Afewerki, the mediator country rejected the idea of Khalil visiting Asmara, and apologized to Isaias by saying that the pretext of the agreement was going to be signed sooner, thus, they can’t allow Khalil to visit Asmara now. However, everyone knew that the negotiations were not moving like water in a stagnant pool because the NCP by then has won the presidential elections by fraud, and they were no longer in rush to put an end to the bloodshed in Darfur. When Khalil was invited by the Egyptian leadership to visit Cairo was able to get out of the Doha under the pretext of invitation and return to complete the negotiations, but he preferred to go to his troops in Darfur. At a time when the government used to say that Khalil and his movement were crushed, but they send Nafie Ali Nafie, Vice President of the NCP of Regulatory Affairs and  Mustafa Osman Ismail, Advisor to the President of the Republic for Foreign Affairs to Cairo. They blamed Cairo for receiving Khalil and urged the Egyptian leadership to ask Khalil to return to the negotiating table in Doha!. But Khalil is determined to return to his soldiers in the barren Darfur; he took an African Airways plane passing Chad to Darfur. However, Chadian leadership stopped him at N’Djamena International Airport, they refused to let him get to Darfur thorugh Chad borders, it was a shameful piracy, and was  incompatible with international norms and laws. Chadian authorities kept Khalil and his entourage at the N'Djamena International Airport for more than seventeen hours,tearing his diplomatic Chadian passport , which forced him to go to Libya. Libyan leadership dealt with Khalil more wisely by than the Chadian President Idriss Deby. Libya advised  Khalil to go to Doha, but at the same time left him the choice to go there or stay in its territory, angering Khartoum, to the extent that sent the head of the Intelligence and National Security, Gen. Mohammad Atta, who asked the Libyan leadership to convince Khalil to return to Doha to complete the negotiations.

  Do you see the NCP leadership contradicting itself?  The NCP leadership chasing Khalil from country to another to sign in any form?  Meanwhile, The government army says, it crush Khalil,s forces and the NCP political leadership says that the Khalil’s movement became just a title! But at the same time, pursuing Khalil from one capital to another to sign a peace agreement and the small movements lying in Doha to sign agreement with the devil.  The Government has asked the international police (Interpol) to arrest Khalil. The government recognizes the international institutions, using his police when they need to arrest Khalil, but who would carry out the arrest warrant of arrest that issued to arrest Albasher himself?! It is very naïve to think that the arrest of Khalil or killing him will solve Darfur issue.  Darfur issue will not be solve by military campaigns and chasing Darfurian leaders, but it will be solved by giving everyone their rights. If the regime doesn’t sit down with these movements today to find a just solution to this issue will be sitting tomorrow. And  Khalil dies, many others will come after him, forcing the NCP to sit with them one way or the other.

It is better for the NCP to hear our  advice before it is too late. Those writers and journalists from (Hamdi Triangle) will not tell them the truth about the mess they have gotten themselves into, because some of them were appointed to perform this task and others who see through the Hamdi’s lens. Someone asked me: Why do carry out the JEM news? He added: because these people are trying to make “The Grand Zaghawa State” and you’re not one of them. I answer no one would believe this allegation because the NCP keeping repeating these lies to justify his wrong doing in Darfur . Suppose that the Justice and Equality MOvement is working to achieve (The Grand Zaghawa State) What is wrong with that? The  regime leaders are speaking aloud about (Hamdy Triangle)? Which was meant to cater for the Northern States along River Nile? why have suffered the graves of silence at the announcement of Hamdi by a State (the triangle)?. We ask God to heal those who are racists until they see the light! And until they see Sudan with a bigger scope that Sudan is rich and strong with this diversity in languages, ethnicity and man power.

Ajras Alhurriya newspaper correspondent in Washington, D.C.

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