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Is African Union Peace and Security Council(PSC) is Peace spoiler in Darfur By Tadjadine Bechir Niam
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Apr 12, 2011 - 7:45:15 AM

Is African Union Peace and Security Council(PSC) is Peace spoiler in Darfur

By Tadjadine Bechir Niam

1-      On 13 March 2011, the negotiating Parties: Liberation and Justice Movement(LJM) and Government of Sudan(GOS), JEM is still studying  endorsed  the  4 Chapters  proposed by the Joint Mediation(AU-UN& Qatari Mediation) on 12 February 2011, namely on Human Rights and Fundamental Foredooms; Wealth Sharing; Compensation, Return of IDPs and Refugees; and Justice and Reconciliation.

2-      Later, on 3 April 2011, the Joint Mediation requested the Parties to submit by 7 April  2011 , the 2 remaining Chapters (Power Sharing  and the Administrative Status of Darfur; Comprehensive Ceasefire and Final Security Arrangements). The Parties(except  JEM which is still working on the documents) submitted their observations/ comments/amendments on the 6th of April 2011. The Joint Mediation urged the parties to hold bilateral discussions to reach a ‘’common ground’’. It requested LJM to encourage JEM to enter into a Cession of hostilities with GOS.  In the meantime, the Mediation is working on a separate  chapter on implementation mechanisms and modalities. The Joint Mediation promised to prepare the final draft compromise texts for peace in Darfur (based on the parties submissions as well as consultations with a large spectrum of Darfur stakeholders inside and outside Sudan) .

3-      The Parties welcomed the mediation’s proposal to the convening of a stakeholder conference before the end of this month in Doha to be widely attended by IDPs, Refugees, Darfur Diaspora, the main Sudanese political parties, influential  individuals and the Parties. The conference is also expected to be attended by officials from UN, AU, EU, LAS, OIC , and Special Envoys from USA,UK, France, Russia, China, Canada, Netherlands, Japan, as well as representatives from regional and other international partners.

4-        Without taking into consideration  all the above achievements and previous ones materialized by the signing in 2010 of Framework Agreements and a Ceasefire Agreement (GOS-LJM& JEM), the AU PSC came out of its meeting on Friday 8 April 2011, with unusual criticism of the AU-UN Joint Chief Mediator Mr. Dijbrill  Bassole. The Communiqué accused Mr. Bassole of working solo and disregarding the directives of the AU to coordinate with the AU High Level Panel(AUHIP) headed by former President of South Africa Thabo Mbeki. The PSC asked Mr. Bassole to report to the AU by the 30th of this month.  This is unfair , not justified  and un-diplomatic in any way. Why the AU PSC  did not invite and listen to him before announcing its verdict? What are the un-exposed goals behind all this well planned defamation of the ongoing peace process? Why AU PSC is not recognized the achievements of the Mediation hailed by the international community and all peace lovers?

5-       Contrary to the facts on the ground, the AU PSC praised and supported  Prof. Gambari  and President Mbeki. In my topic published on & Sudaneseonline .com, on 4th  December 2010, I have clearly proved  that (UNAMID  is a failed mission) and called on AU,EU&UN to make an assessment and determine whether to continue it or not.  As I write theses lines today, the security situation in Darfur is in more than worrisome, more than any time before in Darfur; Intimidation, abduction, hostage  taking , arbitrary expulsion of relief workers, paying of ransoms for freeing abductees , hijacking of vehicles , killing  of IDPs , violation of human rights are continuing unabated. New displacement of more than 70,000  was reported in the last three months (UN OCHA).UNAMID  totally failed to establish a Ceasefire Commission in Darfur despite the signing of a Ceasefire Agreement since March 2010, an agreement on Implementation Mechanism thereto on June 2010 and submission of the names of their members in July 2011. With all these shortages, the AU PSC praised Prof. Gambari !!!!!

6-      The Darfur Darfur Dialogue(DDD)  or Darfur Political Process (DPP), is our own suggestion and we believe it is important but only if a series of conditions are met on the ground ; including peace agreement in Doha , consultation with the parties(movements &GOS), lifting  of the state of Emergency ,creating the conducive  environment, freedom of movement, meeting , and gathering. DPP is to be linked with Doha not competing or  parallel  to it. Any DPP ought to be fully managed and observed by the Parties and the international community.

7-      While we recognize that our elder President Mbeki has positively contributed to our cause on his historical report on Darfur in October 2009 in Abuja; Nigeria. But recently, he did not feel any embarrassment  to publicly support the GOS  in its ‘’domestication’’ process before a peace deal is arrived at in Doha. The AU PSC is encouraging the GOS not to give the needed concessions to reach an agreement, because it is calling for the DPP to be held in May 2011. With whom does Mbeki and Gambari  want to undertake this so-called political process, and how can the AU support it!!!!!!!!!!!Can any African ever trust the AU PSC as a genuine broker in continental affairs or can it be taken seriously in Darfur or elsewhere in Africa when it issues such unbalanced communiqué to a chief Mediator jointly appointed  by AU!!!!. It may be recalled that AU, a then newly born body, took the leading role since the conflict erupted in 2003, all the more reason for it to play a more positive role in this final stage of the Doha Peace Process.

8-      From the perspective of the people of Darfur and those involved in struggle for justice and peace in Darfur and Sudan. We are utterly betrayed by the AU PSC .We have a lot of reservations about the way the Continent  is being lead by the current AU PSC, and if at all any African who knows the way the organization works now, can be proud of  it. I urge all Africans and the international community to reject the communiqué and ask the AU Peace and Security Commissioner to resign. I again call on the AU Chairperson to investigate and find out the damage done on the AU by this un-called for communiqué.


Tadjadine Bechir Niam

Researcher in international Affairs & Diplomacy

And Chief Negotiator  for LJM/A

Doha; Qatar 11th April 2011

The opinion expressed here are those of the author and do not reflect the opinion of the organization to which he belongs. He can be reached at: [email protected]

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