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Higher Democracy Monitoring & Mentoring Organization By: Tarig Mohamed Kheir Anter; Khartoum,
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Mar 19, 2011 - 8:35:05 AM



Higher Democracy Monitoring & Mentoring Organization

By: Tarig Mohamed Kheir Anter; Khartoum, Sudan; Tel.: 00249911636990


Existing and new political parties in many countries are not always driven by democracy as strategic objective or internal system. Countless of these organizations are actually anti-democracy in the obvious sense. Since there are no specific or neutral standards and monitoring tools, on local and international levels, repressive regimes tend to allow political cronies to form unreal parties and democratic illusion. The immediate pre-independence era witnessed the formation of the first pressure groups based on sectarian, tribal, religious, ethnic, and violent interests and were greatly advantaged by the colonial masters before their departure.


These interest groups still claim to be political parties and pretend to be democratic while entrenching the status quo. Corrupt post-colonial era was also a breeding ground for mushrooming further interest groups equally uninterested in change and in democracy as long as they are tolerated by the regimes. Conflict of interests and styles between them occur but due to their inherent nature they lead to violence and military dictatorships without any progress towards democracy and good governance. These crises very often lead to massive causalities and calamities.


Like any other organizations, a group of individuals must fulfill certain minimum standards and conduct to qualify for recognition as political party. But what are the minimum standards and conducts? And who sets and observe them? Definitely, the country national judiciary has pivotal role but it is not immune from corruption and intimidation. In almost all cases they are simply a part and a tool for the regime.


Let us think of some new neutral international organization, say like the FIFA in world football. Let us call it “The International Federation of Democratic Associations” (FIDA)! This organization shall work with local associations of democratic parties. Membership to these local associations is only open for truly democratic political parties and organized technically by them and not by the ruling regimes.


FIDA shall set the international standards of the game; monitor conduct of local associations; ensure government non-interference; organize training and assistance; mentor new initiatives; and prepare international events and conferences.

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