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GOSS Cairo office: Corruption of Parmena Mangar and Robert Marial has reached out to Southern Sudanese communities in Cairo. by Lojuan Abdallah
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Feb 20, 2011 - 9:03:28 PM

During the referendum awareness campaign in Egypt, the Southern Sudanese communities such as The Union of Great Equatoria has requested for funds from the GOSS Cairo Liaison office for the  referendum campaign.

The Liaison officer by name Parmena Mukuei Mangar reiterated that there wasn't any available money to be given to various communities for that exercise and  instead  he advised us to use our own money to facilitate the exercise and the money will be refunded later when South Sudan Referendum Commission  got some financial injections from international donors.

We have lent our application for the request for the referendum  awareness fund campaign to the office of community and cultural affairs at the GOSS Cairo Liaison office since last year before referendum polls and the in charge of the community affairs endorsed our applications and he wrote a covering letter to the South Sudan Referendum Commission .

Unfortunately during the political uprising in Egypt, the money ( ten thousands American dollars 10,000) was sent to GOSS Liaison office by the South Sudan Referendum Commission in Juba not GOSS Ministries. The same amount was given also to the Southern Sudanese communities in Uganda, Kenya, UK, Australia, Canada, United States and Egypt.

Our ten thousands American dollars  of Egypt supposed to be for communities here are raped and hijacked from the communities by  financial thuggish Parmena Mangar and  his corrupt financial administrator who happens to be his tribe mate

not only to the communities but also to the person who is in charge of the community affairs.

They have decided to give portion of that money to the Southern Sudanese students in Cairo each  with one hundred Egyptians pound . This money has nothing to do with the students and the so called Parmena  Mangar and Ruben Marial. The referendum that we worked from our pockets despite the hijacking of the money, the referendum results have endorsed our sacrifice for our Nation South Sudan, but we don't want these thieves in Cairo GOSS office to be representing future transformational of the office to be embassy and employing and helping people on tribe card.

 The administration of Parmena has abused and misused  the public office as their tribal assets and there have been scathing report of financial abuse, mismanagement and overall weakness in the administration of so called Jengi in GOSS cairo office as well as to that of so called scummy Salva Kiir.

It is our responsibility as a citizen to address those challenges swiftly and thoroughly and a need for sweeping new initiative to deal with the problems brought by Dinka as the guttest tribe.

Lojuan Abdallah

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