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From the world capital of reputation laundering Bashir “Is No Bogeyman”! by Hatim Elmadani
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Dec 31, 2010 - 9:13:10 AM


From the world capital of reputation laundering Bashir “Is No Bogeyman”!

Last week, Bashir reveals his real Evil Agenda and what he thirsted to culminate, after the secession of the south, the germinate of a ”Muslim caliphate” the “Taliban Sudan ", boasting victoriously , in a speech punctuated by religious references, that after thesouth Sudan secedes, he will role the country under stricter Islamist “Sharia” reminding the gatherer “no one this time will pretext it's not square for cultural or ethnic diversity!”, like everyone viewed this, I gazed at the ontological hobgoblin we knew he had all along, where he seems to deluded some prior. On this time he was addressing a mustering of his Jihadi's repeating threats hints for “the in know” the kind of lets kill all the "infidle- kafir" of Sudan, or “whatever left of them” after the coming 11th of January, suspiciously like the leaked YouTubes video of a young’s women being whose whipped publicly or paraded naked and filmed in police custody whom Bashir defended the way they have been dealt with, thespeech on national television timely broadcast on air too!,from the town of El-Gadarif, approving chopping human beings heads, hands and legs, and arguing the stoning and whipping of women, even went further about that he can and he will order the Judicial system, the legislators to do what he want and worse, certainly than anything we read ,heard or watched or claimed to be said by the worst of worst fascist or a tyrant in recent or past yore.

 I inducted it's a definite professing beyond doubt what a Fascist Genocidal Dictator this man is, but at least once and for all, his genocidal  apologists’, spinners and washers will now not just shut it up, they should have found themselves in ambience of repentance they ever defended him in the yesterday’s,

 Yet flaunting if not ethic less Bashir propaganda machine was gifted by a headline from the British Guardian newspaper Journalist Simon Tisdall who came out ironically after this speech with alertly weaved article titled ”Omar al-Bashir Is No Bogeyman ” pantomiming the like of ”leave him alone”, “let stop and think”, justice verses Peace fear’s, despairingly same as the U.S clack politicians under the influences of the so christened experts all useless to see Bashir do not give a “toss” if the South divorced or not or worry about the crude dollars, and hear it here from us Bashir Mafia bluntly are commanded by a group of Jihadist their only bull's-eye is the establishment of Islamist State in Africa we love it or loathe it in Sudan, and make no mistake its terror will reach your streets, and the Obama's administration and commercials interests lobby did shock hands on that to look away for now in return of the South oil, yet again we ought to know for what price the values we thought to share are sold for?.

 Same as the British Guardian newspaper we are aware “PR firms make London world capital of reputation laundering” and “Bashir has approached London firms, via representatives, asking for their help in managing his image”,but one has to mention here why the Guardian Liberal columnist Simon Tisdal avoided in the past when composed another crosspatch where in my opinion a peace of flip-flop Journalist’s report about the ICC indictment of Bashir, then to answer my simple query about claims of lavish altruism treatment by Bashir impresarios banjoists in Khartoum in his honor during his visits there!, however here still in regard to his latest won't convince us or Bashir victims for the simple reason mentioned the man is no Bogeyman at least for now while riding on the same boat to what he is after!. I will see it only appease schemed to those still ideates the Nuremburg criminal should not have been there if the price is right.


Hatim Elmadani

[email protected]


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