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Four advises, to Minister of Finance, (GOSS) By Mayar Mayar Kout
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Jul 13, 2010 - 8:37:55 AM

Four advises, to Minister of Finance, (GOSS)

By Mayar Mayar Kout

In fact, the issue of economy’s melding down or recession, is not and never being our lonely problem.  But it’s international issue, as occurred in the United State of America, many European countries; were heavily hit by economy’s recession. Lately we had heard about a economy’s recession in  “United Arab Emirate” , (Dubai City), however the point I am pressing , or arguing is, how creative, is  our current  minister of Finance and Economic Planning to turn economy around? What can he do to fix the economy of the southern Sudan?

Over all, I have a great admiration and honor, toward this man, our minister of Finance & economic Planning, I believe, he’s a good fellow, his one year experience in the office as a Minister of Finance, as proven that, he’s who he is ? a guy appeared to be really money keeper! Very honesty, and have try to make it better after all massive, problems that, this ministry has gone through. With previous ministers, there were no control on the government’s spending programs and no accountability.

I truly, don’t agree with current minister of Finance H.E. Deng Athorbai 100 percent on his economy’s  policies or a ways he handle the region’s economy  but it’s not necessary that I would  be in agreement with all what he does in  ministry.  Although, it’s important for a minister to have economy’s principles and concepts.    

And fact of matter, I have not seeing any of his economy’s proposals, yet, since his 1st appointment and again, now officially, elected to ministry. Eventually, I believe he would have had his own ideas. But if he hasn’t then I am hereby to offer him with these four steps advises:

  1. Control spending: the government of (GOSS) should have fiscal economy policies. Where its public expenditures would be control in each ministry and Finance minister wants to stop, importation of expensive vehicles for (GOSS), employees. “GXR Toyota, Nissan and Land cruisers”. On the other hands, the ministry should restrict private trips for ministers whom sometimes traveling to outside using money public funds. Some minister uses a development’s money for their luxury purposes.
  2. Enforcement of taxes: the minister should acknowledge, the fact, all of taxations, must be collected because taxes are direct “revenues” to be generated by government and “Oil revenue”; come in, second spot. There are many types of taxes but most effective taxes, are “direct taxes and indirect taxes”: income taxes, property taxes and Sales taxes. Another, two types of taxes is known as an “Import taxes and Export taxes”.
  3. Stop transfer of (USD, Euro): the ministry’s regulate  transfer of (U.S. -Euro); from southern Sudan to outside’s world. There should be a policies proposed by minister  to restrict money transferred to foreign countries. And I would a certain amount for those whose families  outside countries. I may allow a (1000 – 1200) USD only, per month and again for those whom, doing business plus small bags carrier personnel, our minister should allow only  amount of (10,000 – 50,000) USD, as maximum limited to transfer for getting goods in southern Sudan.
  4. Financial system: the minister should come up with a proposals to guidance our market’s system, Banks, Private sectors and agricultural sectors”, all trade unions. All of above sectors   need to be regulated, in which the work would be ethically guided with rules and system in workstations. For examples, “Bank of southern Sudan” (BOSS); is struggling of controlling dollars fix rate in markets. Many (Exchange’s Shops) in Juba, they’re resistance orders, that given by bank’s “Deputy Governor”; administration proposed an exchange rate for USD   constantly. But there’s refusal attitudes from many exchange Shops owners as a signal of resistance of decision.

My closing remarks, I am absolutely, convenience that, Minister of finance & Economic Planning, have fully obligated to turn around Region’s   economy but it will not be   simple, as we might think.  it’s requires him, to do some steps and have economy’s plans. Which I believe some are what I listed above.

A writer: Mayar Mayar Kout, a Computer‘s Analyst, Juba, southern Sudan

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