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Flatteries will not work. by Chol Nhial
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Aug 9, 2010 - 4:37:28 PM

Dear editor;

I am amused by moves being made by the NCP in an effort to counter South Sudan independent, such moves remind me of the old African saying a drowning man will clutches at the straw.The attempts by Taha to buy south sudanese is an acceptable and will never see the light of tomorrow.Taha has been working so hard to make sure unity is attractive but he is not genuine in his dealings.He words like south sudan will be a failed state but I think Sudan is already a failed state.I say this because Sudan is already a disintegrated nation,look Darfur blood flowing day and night  and calls to end that bloody war has landed on stones like Taha and Bashir how can we join a nation at war? how can we be part of a nation that kill her citizens. Taha and the rest should be warned that any form of unity of the nation is amounting to war.This time it worst because at least everyone will test the bitterness of war so a peaceful separation is the best option for our country.


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