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Darfur patiently licking wounds by Abdelgabar Dosa
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Apr 4, 2011 - 8:02:59 AM


Darfur patiently licking wounds

The powerful sector of the International community is showing ridicule imbalances of interaction with the different catastrophes that overshadowing several parts of the world. Darfur is a region in the western part of Sudan and in the size of France with a mass of populations nearly 8 million, which is more than the population of Libya. This region historically was an independent state and has been appended to the currently known (The Republic of Sudan) during the British colonization of (1898-1956).

Since 2003, the horrific irrational regime in the Sudan unlikely seems is intending to record a new failure by ignoring opportunity to heal up from the continued deteriorated relation with its people in Darfur. Facts on the ground determine that the ongoing tragedy of mass killing and humiliation of the innocent people constitute an ignominy and shame on the face of humanity.

According to independent estimates and UN institutions, more than 400 thousand died and around three million forced to evacuate their burned villages to live in squalid camps, (an escape from a frying pan into fire), while another 300 thousand fled as refugees to the neighbouring Chad. It is a tragedy defined as the world's worst man made catastrophe in this century, despite of all that, never stirred a strong reaction as the situation in Libya.

This world's nightmare must have made the leaders of the powerful countries to better learn own lessons instead of repeating self-toiled experience, and never allow dictators to reproduce previous crimes such as genocide, and enjoy immunity to escape punishment. Recalling that noble saying, "Never happen again", reminds us of a fact that, despite of being loudly clinking over the ears of the international community, but it has happened again in Rwanda, in the former Yugoslavia and still continuing in Darfur.

The International Community led by the United States of America, persuaded the Security Council to issue a bundle of Resolutions  in that regard, including the indictment of the head of the state Omar Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir with genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, and although that has constituted a positive step, however it seems that all those resolutions are still moaning and whining under the boots of the dictator, as to him said in a public gathering in (El Fasher), the capital of north Darfur state “the International Criminal Court (ICC) and its supporters are under my boots”, that was following the declaration of the accusations and issuance of the warrant of arrest against him in March 2009.

The International Community represented in the Security Council, failed to practically impose its will to stop that genocide, and the innocent people there are left to face their inevitable fate to patiently lick their wounds, other independent opinions have gone further to strip and describe such act as a deal or a compromise between the International Community’s desire to succeed in bringing the South Sudan Referendum to land safely to its pre-known destiny (South Sudan People Right) without any impede or jeopardise from Al Bashir’s regime, and on the other hand turn a blind eye in respect to the fake elections that the regime has conducted in order to legitimise its unconstitutional coup, including a thorough continuation of aggravating the tragedy in Darfur, as well as a reward in term of freezing the threat of the ICC’s decision. A deal has no other meaning except than the immolation with the blood of innocents. 

Following the popular uprising revolutions which is overwhelming the countries in the Middle East and the Mediterranean Sea's south coast States, taking a closer look and analysis to the international community's reactions, mere impartial views could conclude to what extent has the international community revealed the facts of its own interests and how these interests constitutes the magnitude of any military intervention in favour of any party, as well as where and when.

A fair vision to compare between the atrocities committed in Darfur by the ridicule named salvation government in the Sudan under the leadership of the dictator Omar Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir, and the ongoing Libyan conflict where casualties probably be less than 0.3% of what has happened in Darfur, we realise and recognise how deep the deprivation of the deem innocent people in Darfur which comes to express the deliberate oppression they faced from the regime, and how painful the depression and let down they gained from the International community. However it will remain a fact that emancipation from the scourge of oppression is a responsibility of the people of Darfur.   

The prompt response to enforce the two Security Council's Resolutions on Libya, and the instant commencement to apply the no-fly zone and air raids in a period less than 24 hours following the declaration of those Resolutions, could hardly be understood to have been the only trigger that urged to respond to the distressed cry of the victims there, or even a respond to the call of conscience, where the tragedy in Darfur was terrible and the cry of innocents there was higher, nevertheless the response was hollow and dimmed over time, or might have evaporated in the sphere.

It would be a disgrace to humanity to revive inhuman criterion to discriminate between human beings of Darfur and those of Libya, or between a child's cry from Darfur and another from Libya while world is struggling and pushing forward to safeguard human rights.  Al though we emphasise that innocent people in Libya or any other place deserve the right to be protected from oppression, however throwing over our human emotions and interacting rationally, will probably bring us all to see the naked elements that have governed the rushing decision of the International Community’s military intervention in Libya, and obscuring it from Darfur, that naked interest have removed the mask of the ugly face of mankind.       


Abdelgabar Dosa


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