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At last the NCP appears on its true colour By Izzadine Abdul Rasoul
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Aug 2, 2010 - 11:46:30 AM

At last the NCP appears on its true colour

By Izzadine Abdul Rasoul

In this unfriendly life as I have discovered, it’s not very necessary to become a prophet or very religious minded then be inspired to know the future events; but the simple commonsense to read the past and link them to current  events will do excellent job to read the future events.

On Wednesday 5 May 2010 on one of my articles published on Sudan Tribune entitled; is American policy over Sudan invidious?  I mentioned that the global Islamists will not easily let go the South Sudan for good. However they will do whatever they could to sabotage the referendum due to be held on coming five months time. The International and Regional Community, including the SPLM/A; should know that the Islamist signed the Comprehensive Peace Agreement due to pressures they found from all sides; from the International and regional Community as well. The series of defeats they have experienced in South of Sudan After the Islamist in Sudan split in to two groups, the Popular Congress Party led by the master mind of Islamist military coup in Sudan Sheikh Turabi, and National Congress Party led by the current President of Sudan Bashir was also another factor that pushed Sudan Islamists to accept the CPA.

Reading the situations carefully and comparing it with past Peace Agreements in South of Sudan; the Islamist by majority agreed on signing of the CPA, despite of the NCP minority member’s rejection on the deal. The idea behind accepting the deal was to bring the South Sudan rebels inside Sudan and squeeze them, until they are weaken then rejects the CPA like other rejected agreements signed on South Sudan. The Islamists had good examples of disrespected agreements on South Sudan, beginning from Addis Ababa Peace Agreement in 1973 between the Late former President of Sudan Jaffar Nimeri and Ex- South Sudan Anya ya rebel leader Joseph Lagu.

On Addis Ababa agreement the President Nimeri when people of the South Sudan murmur  that the agreement was not implemented; he appeared on Sudan TV and Radio, and with the full mouth said; “This agreement is not a Gospel or Qurran that came from the heaven but an agreement between me and Joseph Lagu just signed on papers. Now we can tear out these pieces of papers”.  Since that day President Jaffar made his statement; the Addis Ababa agreement was buried alive. Furthermore; another reason that pushed the Islamist in Sudan to accept CPA was the signed Khartoum Peace Agreement on 1990, between the Islamist government in Khartoum and cracked SPLM/A factions; one led by Dr. Rieck Machar and second faction was led by Dr. Lam Akol. The signed Khartoum Peace Agreement continued for years without any implementation.  The self-autonomy and %80 of wealth sharing stipulated on the agreement were given zero and the fate of the agreement followed the same of that its sister signed in Addis Ababa. The %80 let me remember the African hero Late Dr. Garang when came to wealth sharing agenda on CPA; he asked for %80 from wealth sharing the NCP negotiating team was surprised, and immediately rejected the idea. Dr. Garang, without hesitation said; “Hey guys I did not ask more than what you have given and written on Khartoum Peace Agreement where your party signed on it”.  

Dereliction of National Congress Part on CPA did not start only today; but immediately, after the killing of Late Dr. Garang on plane crash. I was told by very authentic source that Nafie Ali Nafie in one of secret meetings of his party NCP; told the audience that they did not signed the CPA to be implemented on the ground; he said that they will continue the whirligig with SPLM/A until they get dizzy, loose balance and forget these pieces of papers.   

 Alas; the Jallabas in North of Sudan miscalculated and were blind to see the progress that happened on the thinking of the people in South of Sudan. They though the people of South Sudan of 2005 are the same people of seventies who with words of mouth only could be cheated. The still think people of South Sudan and other marginalized areas are still those whom they appoint governors from the North of Sudan. The discovery of the facts that people of South Sudan and other areas, learned much from the war as well as continuous cheatings came very late in the minds of the Arabs in the North of Sudan. Therefore; I can’t belie my feelings that the hot statements that come from mealy mouths of NCP members these days are because they lost the leash of politics; despite they have employed thousands of the scholars inside and around globe to think for them. Its seems as if the minds of the bulk of the thinkers they have rented came to their limits; that is why they came to their last resorts, such as threatening the people of South Sudan by Osama Bin Laden on one side and boarders demarcation on another.

I was astonished to read statement on Al-Rakoba website, the former President Suwaar Al-Dahab saying that, if International and regional Community are pushing for the secession of South of Sudan, the steps will bring Al-Qaida elements to get involved in South Sudan and entire region as well. On 30th July Sudan Former spy Chief Salah Gosh also made threatening statement that his government would not accept the ruling of the International Justice Court on Abyei boarder’s demarcation, with  excuses that there are other areas within the borders of South Sudan and other Northern States that has not been demarcated. Although if I am correct it’s Abyei boarders only, that are stipulated on CPA because it was the only disputed area. On 31 July the former Minister of Energy and Mining Ahmed Abu Jaaz, the man who supplied the NCP with all means to fight in South Sudan; said; “We will never accept the independent of South Sudan”. Which means even if the people of South Sudan in a free and fair political environment vote for the independent of South; the National Congress Party will not accept the result. What does this means?

With my simple mind, for me this is a declaration of war against the South Sudan; if I am not wrongly understand the words of these men. However; according to a proverb of my African tribe in Sudan, my assumption might be %100 correct. The proverb says; “If poppies start barking the idea is from mama or dad dog”.

Before I finish the writing of this article as I expected; On 2 August 2010 Sudan VP Taha on media told a youth gathering for the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) in the Sudanese capital that all the countries in the continent except two support North-South unity even the major powers hostile to Sudan. "This means that there is no one is working for separation" Taha said describing pro-secession forces as "losers".

"Even if the South separates it is threatened with further split if it witnesses differences" the Sudanese VP added.

I am also expecting in the coming days and before the referendum, the NCP members to publically state that they don’t acknowledge the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA); adding; soak it in water and drink it!!!! This is the phrase the Islamists always repeat whenever they retreat from any agreement they sign.

As I have repeatedly mentioned that the Islamists pump a lot of money and energy, to rent global thinkers to help them on their devilish plans. In the past months they they were able to mobilize all of their resources until they were able to convince the two International and regional bodies AU, UN to replace Darfur rebel Leader Abdul Wahid Nur who refuse to sit with the National Congress Party to be cheated. According to my own opinion the two International Bodies were fooled by NCP because they accepted Al- Sissi the UN employee to be a rebel.

On this issue the Inner City Press released on March 28 published the following; “Despite Al-Sissi being out of The Sudan for 20 years, and being a full time staffer of the UN's Economic Commission for Africa, he was brought to the fore as purported replacement for Abdel Wahid Al-Nur, leader of the legacy rebel Sudan Liberation Movement, whose Fur tribe has thus been unrepresented as Al-Nur refuses to participate in the Darfur talks much less elections.

 A Fur willing to talk with al-Bashir was needed, and a UN staffer was found. But to be a leader, he must have put time into the rebel movement, while being a UN staffer. Why was this accepted?  Inner City Press is informed that Al-Sissi's supervisor at the UN Economic Commission for Africa, Abdalla Hamdok, complained about the moonlighting or double service of Al-Sissi, but that nothing was done. End of Inner City Press Reports.

The idea behind bringing Tegani Sissi, was plan from National Congress Party to cool down the situations in Darfur and prepare itself for war of the referendum in South Sudan. NCP calculated that the war in South Sudan, will include Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains and it will be difficult for them to fight on all these fronts. Therefore; it was very important and wise for the Islamist to pay all what they have to inject antidote to Darfur problem before they are put in trap of the four areas war.

Yes indeed; for those who can read the future events very well will come to conclusion that the attacks on IDPs at Hamidiya in Zalingi, Kalma was expression of frustration from National Congress Party that their plan to cool down Darfur and prepare for South Sudan independent war has failed; meanwhile the voices of independent of South Sudan have increased. They also expressed their frustration on UNAMID forces on the ground by threatening them to be attacked and investigated even if they are walking inside Niyala.

In conclusion I would like to tell the people of the margins in South Sudan, Blue Nile, Nuba Mountains and Darfur that Islamist in Sudan will never respect any deal signed as long as these deal would minimize their domination on resources of the all country. Also they will never stop the killing of the people in margins of Sudan as long as they are supported by global Islamist and Arabs to benefit from Sudan natural resources as long as they know that the Northern Arabs are living in dried arid land that produces nothing but dust and heat. Therefore; all must prepare for the worst from Islamists and their global supporters from Arab and Islamic world.

It has been said; “If a tree is shaking either there is person on it or a monkey”. 

The author is based in Juba /South Sudan



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