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A Requiem for Manute Bol by Dr. Abdullahi Gallab
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Jul 18, 2010 - 11:30:46 AM

A Requiem for Manute Bol

Abdullahi Gallab

Mantue Bol
Mantue Bol my dear Manute

You are here now while you are not.

Your strong death that filled us with sadness and fear,

Has made your presence even more strong.

How to set that in order,

From now on, is going to be our business.

Your business, dear Manute, has gained its place in eternity.

It is our business now to set all that in order.

Fear and sadness will gain their meaning whenever we, as a group or individuals, celebrate your life.

We all came from our own marginality only to reroute to multiple marginalization.

You succeeded to be at the center stage not only within the NBA community and basketball fans,

Not only in the Sudanese communities,

 Not only in the American communities,

But also within the entire human race;

We all as humans witnessed, acknowledged, and recognized your talent.

We all came from nowhere, Manute.

You alone are everywhere and will stay where things happen to very few people.

Manute Bol, my dear Manute

Son of Madut  and Akuak Bol,

Last time when we met in this particular place,

In the city of Phoenix.

In the year 2006,

You came purposely to celebrate with us the achievement of a Sudanese young man who made history within our community.

Deng Mayik Atem was the first Southern Sudanese to graduate from ASU.

We were all happy for him that day.

You alone were the most cheerful though your mood was the most somber.

For that was what you saw that day: a new Sudanese community in the making.

You did not talk about yourself.

You lifted yourself out of yourself as it remained reflected in the gigantic mirror of existence. 

I saw you holding your cane like Arianhdit. 

You praised the Sudanese women that day, not because they prepared kamonia and bamiyah for us that day.

But for holding the family together.

For carefully edging the social fabric of our bigger community through time. 

You advised your boys and girls to take care.

You encouraged all njarkooks to continue on going to school.

You asked Dr. Pol Kolong, Joseph Gak, Hilary Lugo,,William Dhol, Malong Atem, Tim, Deng Deng and Muk Muk  to assume their elderís role.

Let me tell you Manute,

Since that day a good number of Sudanese kids graduated from ASU and neighboring community colleges.

Since that day other southern and manducoro kids joined ASU.

Since that day Lawal graduated from the graduate school with a Masters degree.

Manute Bol, dear Manute

Let us confirm now that you will be here helping all those kids to organize as an ASU Sudanese students club next year.

Let us confirm now that you will be here by attending the Sudanese American Centerís Manute Bol tournament next Thanksgiving.

Manute, are you are still here?

Manute Bol, my dear Manute.

You are here now and you will be.  


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