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A Message to Southern Sudan Elites: by Suliman S. Derar
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Dec 1, 2010 - 10:27:50 PM



A Message to Southern Sudan Elites:

The meeting of ACADES of some African states in Ethiopia is to divide the piece of cake amongst themselves. That piece of cake is Southern Sudan. Every neighbouring state to the South is looking for its fatty share of this prey - the South.

This is the dream of African countries. South Africa is the master-mind of the plot, as for the U. S. A.; it will bestow to these states some of the booty: the remains.

The Arab states and their political institutes are standing as spectators. They refrain from antagonizing Big Sam. dinoxnd the separation of the South, but with timidness and great apprehensive lest they lose the blessings of Uncle Sam.

In this message, I'm addressing the Southerners to be sceptical of the institutes of African states, and must be very prudent and discreet in dealing with U. S. A. The Government of Northern Sudan must be patient and responsive to the fair demands of the South, and the South must equally protect the interests of Northern Sudan. Both parties must collaborate to realize their political and economical goals.

Any how Both North and South must look after their mutual interests in a brotherly way.

God bless all.

Suliman S. Derar

Beja Congress - London

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