Press Releases
statement on the current political situation
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Feb 4, 2009 - 8:35:24 PM

Press Releases
statement on the current political situation
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Jan 12, 2009 - 12:54:19 PM


Statement on the current  

political situation in the Sudan  


The Sudan Liberation Movement led by Mr. Minni Minnawi the Senior Assistant to the President, President of the Transitional Darfur Regional Authority, has utterly exhausted the peaceful means in vain without reaching the desired objectives of bringing peace and settlement to Darfur .  

The insistence of the GNU not to waive its federal convictions that deter reaching any common ground towards understanding and materialization of the superior meanings of humanity to take substantial measure to fulfill its obligation will lead to rapid collapse to any existing or expected peace step towards resolving the Conflict and drives the Nation to a dark tunnel.  

Means to widen the room of free expression in words and deeds, towards making the Sudan into a homeland in which rights and duties are exercised, and issues are handled on fair and equal terms, and to exercise peaceful transfer of power through democratic means as the sole option is crucially threatened by the NCP behaviors.  

We in the Movement believe that the ethnic and social diversity is destined to leave lasting impact on the identity of this nation, and that impact has mapped the country's geographical features, codified its historical story, emphasized its democratic uniqueness, and framed its permanent boundaries, and protected its national sovereignty. All that could only become sustainable by conducting equitable power and Wealth sharing during the transitional period provided by the several Peace Agreements.  

We believe that the reasons of calling for preserving the unity and independence of the homeland and the safety and maintenance of land sovereignty, are the conviction and implicit confess that the unity on which this country has and is still based, is a voluntary unity stemming from the free will of the members of this nation, such meaning could only be improved under freedom.  

Participation of members of the Movement and members of other political powers in the federal level of government provided by the DPA and other Agreements is to ensure that means of democratic practice, prudence in exercising power, enabling the rule of law, stabilization of law governance is reality, and all Sudanese are part of that, otherwise we are regenerating dictatorship in other means. Power should be framed by the constitution and the law; both are to be agreed upon by all it is known that it affect positively when exercised faithfully, and flounder when people are manipulated and humiliated in its name beyond its legal constraints.  

Democracy becomes fatal if striped of its constitutional frameworks. The homeland is its haven, the state is its arena, and the nation is its cover. It remains immune if divided, and vanish if monopolized. Therefore talking about any ongoing efforts to conduct elections in the Country under the unstable situation in Darfur is improvident. The wise decision to be taken is to re-schedule that after reaching a lasting peace to Darfur and maintaining smooth return and resettlement for the IDPs and Refugees in order to enable them to participate.     

We will be delighted to see our Country to play its role in tune with the international community; however that could only become possible by consolidating the principles of Law, human rights, basic freedoms and democracy. Nobody who ever is should deserve impunity when committing Genocide, War Crimes and Crimes against humanity like what has happened in Darfur .    

We believe that in order to achieve substantial resolution to the chronic nation’s political dilemma, the transitional period where several Agreements are under implementation should be sustained and steered smoothly into success. The marginalized inhabitants must get their rights first. That is the way to pave for a nation where everybody exercises duties and get rights within equity.  


Abdelgabar Mahmoud Dosa  

Member of Leadership Council  

Chief Negotiator and Secretary of Political Affairs.  

Sudan Liberation Movement  

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