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The South Sudanese Parliamentarians in A Political mess
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Aug 26, 2009 - 4:30:08 PM


The South Sudanese Parliamentarians in

 A Political mess



Press Release

 25th, August, 2009

As I took a moment of silence, listening to, and observing what is going on, in south Sudan and in particular the negative concept of our South Sudanese Parliamentarians, circa the ideology of political representation. In fact, my conscience are just and right, and therefore, I am total disappointed with our parliamentarians-because they turned the Parliament as a club for supporting and promoting the SPLA/SPLM and her leadership; so as to get favor and be rewarded with post.


Indeed, in such situations, I had always asked myself whether those Parliamentarians were elected by the SPLA/SPLM or the people; and whether they are elected to present SPLM/SPLA or the people of their constituency.


Of course, I am not either against SPLA/SPLM as political party, nor I am trying to condemn South Sudanese Parliamentarians - who are members of the SPLM; but expressing myself on this point because of some serious political challenges,, which has to do with the ideology of political representation by the southern parliamentarians.


First, I wish our southern Sudanese to understand that, “Politics has been defined as an art of government human society” this mean that a method of governance chosen by a human society reflects the core value of that particular society, and that is what makes that society to exist. A society that is not political well organized is indeed, a dead living society. Such society is left behind in terms of development or social services, and became marginalized, as well remain “primitive” (so called) in era of civilization, in terms of globalization, “the poor or undeveloped Society.


As matter of facts, social justices and socio-economic development in general becomes too difficulty for them to achieve; in meantime, other advanced society or individuals in power gets opportunity to misuse and manipulate them for their own societal or individual political and economic benefits.


To prevent such issues from existing in the World we live in, the political Intel lectures during the era of great revolutions and reform, came up with the ideology that, every human society nationwide is expected not only to participate, but to be involved in their local and national political systems; this inspires the idea of creation of legislative wing of the Government (parliament), which is formulated by political representative (Members of Parliaments)-to represent people from different localities nationwide; with   aims and functions:


1.      To check and monitor the work of the executive and, to balance their power


2.      To formulate policies and legislation so as to safeguard the popular will and interests of the people from all corners of the Country.


3.      To represent the popular will, choice and interests of people in decision making process in legislative house


4.      To ensure that the Government of the people is run freely and fairly for the benefits of the citizens


5.      To prevent the individual people in power, especial the executives, from imposing their individual political, and economical interests on the nation and, to refrain them from abusing the state and office


De facto, our southern parliamentarians are of great disappointment to us south Sudanese, which is bring the future of south Sudan to be dimming; because their deadly politics of hatred against Arabs or Muslims, which at the moment, made them only to be focusing more on the Government of the National Unity in Khartoum, forgetting that, SPLA/SPLM is another criminal government that have ever been established and existing in region.


We need to know as Southerners that, SPLAM/SPLA has shown dictatorship from the very beginning and as of now,


1.      The SPLM has hijacked and personalized the Government of South Sudan; SPLM is a political party like National Congress Party or National Unionist Party and this dose not meant, by whatsoever power/rights for itself to be the Government of South Sudan. Unfortunately, The SPLM has hijacked the GoSS by imposing the use of its flag and Court of Army as the Flag and Court of Army, of the GoSS, which is total unlawfully.


2.      The SPLA/SPLM regime is corrupt and misusing the funds of the government of south Sudan ; the Government of the South Sudan received billions of Dollars as part of its share from Oil revenue from the Khartoum Government, but these funds are channeled by the SPLA/SPLM for its political and economic benefits. To make the matter worse, the SPLA/SPLM failed to bring social services and development in the South and failed to accounts for these funds.


Recently millions of American Dollars got missing from the GoSS’s Ministry of regional cooperation, some senior official and relatives of senior officials of SPLA/SPLM have been arrested in both Middle East and Europe with huge amount of money they smuggled from South Sudan; the Government of the South Sudan could not even investigate the lost of these money. More so, there were no administrative and legislative measures taken by the leadership of GoSS, against those arrested of smuggling money in other Countries from South Sudan . This sent a clear signal that, there is strong network of corruption within the leaderships of GoSS that is why; they could not take actions against each other but rather to protect themselves as comrades.


The missing of monies from the GoSS in particular in ministry of the regional cooperation, was due to wickedness in a SPLM/SPLA and Goss leadership, because most its funds are in private accounts of the key individuals officers. For example, the Government of the south Sudan (GoSS)’s regional liaison office for Southern Africa , in Pretoria , it has no Bank account and it is using the private bank account of the principal liaison officer.


The SPLA/SAPLM regime violated the basic rules which is now threatening the Peace in the south Sudan; the CPA dose not state that, South Sudan is an independent State, unfortunately, SPLA/SPLM has total violated the Basic rule and playing a role of the Central Khartoum Government. As matter of facts; The SPLA/SPLM without approval of the Parliament of the South Sudan and consultation of the President of the republic of Sudan, it joint up forces with the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF), illegal and invaded Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), to fight the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) of Joseph Kony.


Logical, to take part in fighting LRA in DRC by the SPLA alongside of the UPDF, dose not only violate the basic rules of the CPA but sabotage the position of the GOSS as Peace Mediator, between the LRA Rebel Movement and the Uganda’s Government. It also send a clear signal that, the failure of LRA and Joseph Kony to sign the Peace with Uganda Government under the Mediation of the GoSS was because SPLA/SPLM was bias and with an ill motive against LRA, thus made LRA to refuse and boycott the Peace Negotiation in South Sudan.


Furthermore, SPLA/SPLM being party of the GoNU, it has allied with the Darfur Rebel groups in Western Sudan to fight the Khartoum regime of which SPLM is partner, in governance of Sudan. As per intelligence sources, SPLA/SPLM is


a.       Coordinating intelligence services,

b.      Offering logistics, and ammunition supports for these rebel groups and at the same time,

c.      Building the military and intelligence capacity of these rebel groups, which total against the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).


SPLM violated the Article 46 of the Interim Constitution of Southern Sudan, which states that: " The Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) shall establish, develop and maintain good relations and cooperation with foreign governments, Foreign Non-governmental organizations and associations for mutual advantage in trade, investment, culture, sports, education, credit, loans, grants, technical assistance and other fields of development Cooperation. “And it has turned the function of its liaison office for southern Africa region in Pretoria , South Africa , for promoting and facilitating the objectives and activities of the SPLM/SPLM and the rebel groups in Darfur .


The SPLA/SPLM regime in Juba has shown no respects for the GoNU and president of Republic because since the formation of the GoSS, it has till to date, failed to submitted reports to the president of the republic on its activities, programs (Agendas) and progress, of which is not the way the CPA is suppose to be implemented.


3.      The SPLM/SPLA regime continues to violate human rights in the south Sudan; and there have never been experience of peace and protection by the people of south Sudan since SPLA/SPLM emerged in the leadership of the GoSS, There are continues harassment, torture and disappearing of people in South Sudan on daily bases by SPLA; and those responsibly for such criminal activities could not brought before justice due to the facts that, judiciary systems in the south Sudan have been penetrated, and owned by the SPLA/SPLM.


As matter of facts, SPLA/SPLM during its guerrilla war as rebel, it has committed great crimes against humanity which has never been accounted for and even been questioned.


As it has been said “Charity begins at home”, so is justices, Social development and good governance, rule of law and democracy; and this is what our southern Sudanese parliamentarians have forgotten. They have turned the functions of the parliaments to supporting the SPLA/SPLM and its criminal leadership as if; they were elected by the SPLA/SPLM to represent them in Juba or Khartoum Parliament against the National Congress Party or Arabs.


In fact, the deadly politics’ of hatred against Arabs and Muslims in general by our southern parliamentarians, has made them forgetting that, SPLA/SPLM is political organization, with a criminal ideology and records and   with no clear vision, objectives for the people of south Sudan and Sudan at large.


The SPLM/SPLA emerged into control of the South Sudan in 2005; however, as matter of facts, the development it claimed to have done in the south, in comparison to the amount of the money it received from Khartoum Government and International Community, and the amount it spent with no accountabilities; then the social, political and economical injustices it is committing on the people of south Sudan, in a reference to unquestioned and unanswered crimes SPLA committed against humanity in south Sudan for the last two decades as a rebel movement.


I therefore, upon my conscience, on particular the situation our country is facing, in realization of the power conferred upon the parliament of both Juba and Khartoum and various states of South Sudan ; I earnestly implore the South Sudanese Parliamentarians:


1.      To total withdraw their political and social supports from SPLA/SPLM   and the Government of the south Sudan because the SPLA/SPLM and the GoSS is of no benefits to the south Sudanese


2.      To ban the use of the SPLA/SPLM flag and the Court of army for, and by the Government of south Sudan .


3.      To bribe the case of corruptions within the GoSS by the SPLA/SPLM leadership and impeach the leadership of GoSS


4.      To bribe the case of inhuman treatment, abuses and torture as well unlawfully detention for long period without due process and all those involved in such criminal act of torture, inhuman treatment and abuse be immediately impeached and drag to the Court to face for their justices


5.      To demolish the current judiciary organ of the GoSS and establish a new independent judiciary that is not of, and by SPLA/SPLM.


6.      To ban the banking of the Government funds in the private accounts of the individual officers of the GoSS and SPLA/SPLM.


The South Sudanese parliamentarians’ needs to understand that, the time for politicizing the rights and dignity of the southerners are gone; this is time to take action because SPLA/SPLM will never serve and save the people of south Sudan and Sudan at large. More so, they need to understand that, they are not elected by their individual constituency to represent the interests of the SPLA/SPLM and her criminal leadership, but that of the people elected them.


It will therefore, be a political mess , if our southern Sudanese parliamentarians continues to be supporter of SPLA/SPLM; turning our efforts to support and promote SPLA/SPLM is like supporting and promoting tribalism, corruptions because SPLA/SPLM is a criminal regime that is threatening the peace, unity, justices and security of Southerners.


May the Almighty God Bless us all and give us wisdom and courage to serve and save the World we live, and the people in our neighborhoods blameless before the law, and use us as an instrument for bring hope, joy and happiness to those suffering because of the evil deeds of other mankind.





Mr. John Sunday Martin

Pretoria , Republic of South Africa

(E-mail: [email protected])



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