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Sudan: Oxfam reaction to UN mandate renewal in SUDAN-UNMIS
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May 1, 2010 - 8:26:30 AM

Oxfam (Oxford)

Sudan: Oxfam reaction to UN mandate renewal in SUDAN-UNMIS

30 April 2010

press release

Kirsten Hagon, Spokeswoman of Oxfam’s New York office said:

“The next nine months are going to be very crucial for Sudan. While it’s good to see the Security Council recognizes that people in southern Sudan need greater protection from violence, words alone will never make people safer - actions are needed.

“Previous UNMIS mandates have had fine words that have not been put adequately into action to provide security in Sudan’s villages.

"At least 40,000 people have fled their homes in South Sudan in the past three months and tensions are likely to increase even further ahead of the January referendum. Time is running out and the Security Council must continue to urge and ensure they equip UNMIS to do what it is supposed to and protect people from danger. UN patrols and presence is helping to deter violence, but too often last year, peacekeepers were not present when violence flared.

“This has to change urgently.”

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