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Strong Statement: The SPLM Caucus stands for Sudanese diversity
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Apr 25, 2009 - 11:08:40 PM


Strong Statement : The SPLM Caucus stands for Sudanese diversity

The News paper   Akhbar al yom volume No.5227 dated Friday   ApriL 24TH, 2009 page 2 published  a statement by the so-called Sudanese Muslim Clergy Council condemning and demanding the prosecution of The SPLM CAUCUS Chairman  comrade Yasir Saeed Arman   for allegedly   stating that the implementation of the Sharia law was a degradation of the Sudanese people.

However, what comrade Yasir Arman said inside the Parliament on the deliberation over the bill of Criminal procedure act, was the voice of the SPLM as partner in the CPA which represents the protection of the rights of non-Muslims in Sudan according to the articles 38,154.155,156 (D) and 157(A and B) of the Interim National Constitution of 2005.Comrade Yasir actually called for non application of sharia Hudud (punishment) on non-Muslims. It is worth noting that the CPA was signed by Ali Osman Mohamed Taha the vice President   and Omar Hassen Ahmed Al Bashir the president of the Republic of the Sudan who are among the most devout Muslims and did not see any debasement of the Sudanese people in protecting the rights of non-Muslim citizens.

It is very regrettable that Chairman of the NCP CAUCUS in the National Legislature Ghazi Salahdin was the one who initiated this campaign against comrade Yasir Saeed Arman inside the parliament. Since this statement represents the NCP and undermines the rights of the Honorable members of the Parliament, it is an ideological move motivated by party politics and especially the continuing attempts against Christianity alleged as infidelity although Islam recognizes it(Christianity)and also Christians are equally citizens of this country.

Thus, we consider the statement made as a total violation of the CPA, the Interim National Constitution and rights of the non- Muslims in Sudan. As such the SPLM CAUCUS Executive body strongly condemns the move by the Muslim Clergy Council. The CAUCUS Executive has therefore decided to urgently summon both H.E the Minister of Religious Affairs and H.E the Minister of Justice to precisely explain on the powers of the so-called Sudanese Muslim Clergy Council over Parliament.

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Comrade: Samuel Mayak Deng                                                                      Comrade: Thomas Wani     

Deputy Chairman.                                                                                                 Secretary General.


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