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Seed of discord and tribalism in South Sudan planted by SPLM against some South Sudanese:
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Jun 24, 2009 - 3:59:05 AM

Seed of discord and tribalism in South Sudan planted by SPLM against some South Sudanese:

The breakaway party (SPLM-DC) from the mainstream SPLM in South Sudan is a sign that will bring robust democracy in South Sudan following the embezzling of people money by the SPLM and misruling by SPLM and causing tribalism in their favor. The SPLM doesn’t reflect the ethnic diversity of South Sudan and their party is not base on ethics and morals. I welcome the new party to ally with other small parties in the South Sudan to challenge SPLM in any direction of policies because the region has been in a state of anarchy since the SPLM took the administration of the South Sudan .


SPLM is one ethnic rule in South Sudan of which all South Sudanese are tired of and fed up of, that is why another party emerges which can fight for the right of its people rather than individuals or ethnic base will be highly welcome by the marginalized people like Equatorians and non Dinka tribe in Upper Nile and Bahr EL Ghazel states . SPLM is not a party to govern a state with all this corruption, racketeering and fraud hanging over their party. We congratulate Lam Akol for realizing these big mistakes.

 If you are serving in the SPLM base on your interests and your tribe, Comrade you resign and give chances for other who is mentor or protégé who are not given that chance to serve. We expect SPLM to divide after 2011 referendum but they divide before that year which means SPLM can be diminished dramatically after. SPLM has got flak from its top members and South Sudanese. They are preaching that Arabs are not good people leaving their badness towards other South Sudanese.


 SPLM in future will be a party of elitists from Dinka tribe only and the process of it has started. Dinka are saying and it is true by their own action that SPLM is for Dinka and Zionism for Jews. They want to enrich themselves at the expense of other marginalized south Sudanese like Equatorians and non Dinka. SPLM under Dinka cannot help build multiethnic society because they uphold tribalism.

 SPLM upholds grabbing of Equatorian land in their own land by force and threats but all this can be reverse when another government could come in future like what happened in Zimbabwe during colonial periods, the whites were given land by their government and when Mugabe comes to power all documents are reviewed and lands were given back to the natives and even minor infringements of the law will be punished.  


SPLM supports the repression and the brutality in South Sudan in particular area like Equatoria land.


Unforgotten tribalism in Cairo GOSS office:

The liaison office of GOSS in Egypt is known as office of the Dinka of Yirol. Parmena Makuer Mangar the so called liaison officer of this office is tribalism promoter. He donates a lot of money in thousands of dollars to Rumbek community, Twic community, Abyei community, Jeng Community which comprises of all Dinka communities and on top of that these all communities are in Union of Upper Nile or Bahr EL Ghazel . He is donating money monthly to these unions unlike Union of Great Equatoria (the most first Union to be formed and the most feared union in Dinka community or GOSS office because they traced back to Kokora issue. All these policies, he doesn’t want Equatorians to go forward instead he wants them to lag behind the community.


The liaison officer has dismissed four officials from the GOSS Cairo saying that he got a letter from the Ministry of Regional Cooperation to cut off staffs due to financial crisis which confront GOSS and no evidence of that brought before the dismissed officials. I think he is pocketing the salaries of these four dismissed officials.

Other staffs are left base on tribal bases and nepotism.


Structure of the GOSS Cairo office.


1-     Parmena Mangar is a liaison officer and also an accountant not official but he is, he delegated the title of an accountant to long time friend Watts Roba who is an Equatoria from Moru married to Egyptian lady and he is yes-man of Parmena in any decision.   Parmena is a Dinka from Yirol.

2-     Santos is an Education coordinator. He is a Dinka from Yirol.

3-     Kamisa Mangar is an assistant Education Coordinator. She is a Dinka from Yirol.

4-     William is from Abyei Dinka married to Kamisa Mangar, the assistant Education Coordinator.

5-     Salah is an information officer, he is from Arab but his mother is from Dinka of Yirol.

6-     Emmanuel Akon is a computer programmer is from Dinka Yirol.

7-     Nicher Ayak is a protocol officer. She is also from Dinka.

8-     Suzan is a cook from Bari but her husband is from Dinka Yirol.

9-     Parmena driver is also a Dinka.

10-John Chiek is a Public Relations officer is a Nuer.

11- Ferida Santino is a senior protocol officer. She is from Equatoria.

12- Kumba is a driver to Education Department. He is from Zande.

13- Mubarrack is a cleaner. He is from Nuba.


The dismissed Staffs are:

1-     Samir AbdelKarim is an assistant information officer. He is from Dinka bor by blood but his mother is from Equatoria. He cannot speak Dinka.

2-     Raja is a receptionist. She is from Equatoria.

3-     Sally is protocol officer. She is from Egypt .

4-     Riny is body guard to Parmena. He is from Abyei Dinka.


With all these, the extent of the fraud is proportional to the violent reaction to those who have been marginalized. Now, South Sudan has an autocratic style of government with autocratic leadership and autocratic management.


Shame on SPLM

Shame on those who uphold tribalism.


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