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Prophet Ngundeng’s family will meet to endorse the Bieh Leader
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Feb 11, 2010 - 11:19:39 PM

Prophet Ngundeng’s family will meet to endorse the Bieh Leader

Public Release

Information Secretary Office of Bieh Ngundeng

Feb, 12, 2010

It is with great pleasure and delight for the family of Prophet Ngundeng Bong to inform the general public of South Sudan about the upcoming family meeting scheduled for February, 20, 2010. The meeting will endorse the leadership of a Bieh leader, who shall be the custodian of the artifacts of the prophet. Besides, the Bieh leader will also serve as an administrator of Wec-deang, a holy place located in Waat, Jonglei State.

It has been a tradition of Ngundeng’s family to have a person designated as a leader to administer the affairs of the family. Prior to his death, prophet Ngundeng appointed his son Guek to lead the family and run the affairs of Wec-deang after his demise. Few days before the British assassinated him, Guek designated Lel Ngundeng as his successor. When Lel realized his time to leave the world was close, he called his brothers and told them that his next successor would be Gai Lel Ngundeng, who was then a baby.

In addition to administrative duties, the leader of Bieh will assist the Government of South Sudan (GOSS) in reconciling various ethnic groups in Jonglei State for peace to prevail prior to election and 2011 referendum. Hon. Gai is also expected, as per his religious duties, to bring to an end the recurrent conflict between Lou and Jikany Nuer clans.

Hon. Gai Lel is a former civil servant who worked in various capacities in administration and finance prior to migrating to Canada in 2001. His experience in civil service, coupled with Canadian experience, is not only an asset to the family but also to the entire South Sudan because he will tackle some problems that bedeviled the GOSS in areas of tribal and clan conflicts.

Respected elders of the family will attend this meeting where his leadership will be endorsed as per the directives of the family tradition. For those journalists who wish to cover this, they are free to contact the office of information secretary whose contacts are stated below.

For contact:

Mr. Reat Bol Ngundneng

Information Secretary Office of Bieh Ngundeng

Juba, South Sudan

Tel. 0957188899

Tel. 0122418551

Email: [email protected]

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