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Open Message from Sudan Liberation Movement /Army SLM/A to African Leaders to support the victims of Darfur
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Jun 24, 2009 - 5:41:11 AM

Open Message from Sudan Liberation Movement /Army SLM/A to African Leaders to support the victims of Darfur

It’s high time that democracy - oriented African countries and their progressive-minded leaders to know that our people in the marginalized areas in Southern Sudan, Blue Nile, South Kordofan, Eastern Sudan, Abei and Darfur Region have been struggling for years to decentralize the system of governing in the country. The conflicts are the reflection of total rejection of the center-dominated by North Sudan elites since the independent of the country to share wealth and power with others. However; the system in the north not only marginalized African groups in Sudan but also African countries. Although they have long times ago directed the country towards Arabs culture footing down the African cultures to the point that in Sudan we have new generations who do not recognize their brothers Africans. The Marginalized neglected groups in Sudan are those of African origins who are for decades denied their political, cultural and economic rights without slight ounce of shame.

 So it looks very strange to see the current dictatorship regime of Sudan who is doing its uttermost efforts to deny the rich African tradition and culture to take roots in Sudan , looking for African help after being cornered for its misdeeds and tyranny against the  people it has the very responsibility to protect. Nevertheless  it started soliciting and working to exploit the African leaders looking for their support when the President Bashir, is indicted for genocide and crimes against humanity on his own country men, women and children.

For decades; we have never ever seen Sudan national TV transmitting any programs or even forecasting news from any of the African countries except these days and periodically when they discovered that their love ones the Arabs and Muslim countries whom they served their causes all these years, have abandoned them on their heinous and wicked deeds and completely failed to render them any effective help beyond oral expression of sympathy. Furthermore; it’s not a secret that achieving the ideal of all-Arabs nationalism had been as it will continue to be the national orientation of the current regime, regardless of any signed agreement that stipulates the African culture as part and partial of Sudanese culture. Hence; we request African leaders to quiz and challenge any Sudanese government visiting delegations to name only the African countries capital cities; for sure they will fail this simple test.  On the contrary; (for what they are dreaming to be) the Arabs they have information of even the villages and they might know the names of the chiefs and Sheikhs who are in charge of them. Dear Africans you are supporting those who know nothing about you and not even ready to know either.   

The Islamic Fundamentalist regime in Khartoum has clear un-reversable programs in mind to Arabize and Islamize all Africa ; not just Sudanese Africans as the case in Darfur and other marginalize areas however its clear on their attempt to expand beyond the borders. So this is quite absurd diplomacy on the side of the African Union to support the genocide regime on its devilish plans. The so called African elder’s council led by former President of the Republic of South Africa Mbiki and his committee are talking about truth and reconciliation process. How can we talk about truth and reconciliation process before the conflict has been brought to a just end? Reconciliation is possible when the criminals accept the responsibility of their crimes committed by them or their proxies. Up to now, the National Congress Party denies crimes of genocide; mass killings, rape, and destruction of villages and looting of properties that happened in Darfur . The African Union should push for justice to go hand in hand with the peace if any rather than backing the mischievous regime.

On this regard the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army under the leadership of its Founder and the Chairman Abdel Wahid Nur highly appreciates and hails the strong carriage of the President of the Republic of South Africa Jacob Zuma, The Government of Botswana and President Youri Musievini who have bravely chosen to stand on the side of the victims than pardoning the perpetrators. Yes the violence in Darfur is a real problem to Africa ; as President Musievini said.

Therefore; we urge all Africans including the leaders to have strong united stand to save their brothers and sisters in Darfur and marginalized areas or otherwise people good will; will do their job and at the end they will be blamed for the negligence; but it’s not too late.  


Nimir Mohamed Abdelrahman.

The Military Spokesperson of the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army SLM /A

25th June 2009










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