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Nuer Community Warns SPLM’s Leadership of Consequences of Dismissing Dr. Lam Akol
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Apr 3, 2009 - 2:11:02 PM

Nuer Community Warns SPLM’s Leadership of Consequences of Dismissing Dr. Lam Akol


Press Release


The Nuer Supreme Council


April 04, 2009


On a published article titled “The SPLM inched closer to removing two officials”, an SPLM spokesman named Yien Mathew condemned Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin and Ghazi Suleiman for their remarks during an organized pro-Bashir rally in Khartoum. Yien Mathew claimed that “two members of the party departed from the official line of the southern ex-rebels position on the ICC paving the way for their expulsion from the movement”. The SPLM’s spokesman even went further to assert that the “national secretariat will undertake appropriate organizational measures and will present it to the upcoming meeting of the political bureau and national liberation council for the dismissal of Lam Akol and Ghazi Suleiman”.


The Nuer Supreme Council informs Sudanese people that Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin and Mr. Ghazi Suleiman did not go beyond alleged party stance on the International Criminal Court. They were not out of touch with the party objectives either. The SPLM position on ICC was clear: Omar should not be arrested. The Chairman of the SPLM, Salva Kiir, detached the SPLM and government of South Sudan off support for the ICC move.  The South Sudan Legislative Assembly precisely stated that arresting Omar Bashir is not an option because it does not favour the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).  The decision was voted unanimously in the GOSS Legislative Assembly.  Why would Dr. Lam Akol become a victim today?  The simple answer is that charges against Dr. Lam Akol and Ghazi Suleiman are politically motivated. The actual conflict of interests within the SPLM represents the beginnings of all these issues. There certainly are elements within the SPLM party who politically harass other politicians. Dr. Lam Akol is a victim of political harassment orchestrated by few individuals vying for influence and power. The aim of those people, names withheld, is to eliminate the pairs, both of whom are self-less veterans of the SPLM.


However, the opportunist elements overlooked any eventual consequences and party Balkanization if the SPLM’s National Liberation Council and Political Bureau, on the advice of the National Secretariat, dismiss Dr. Lam and Ghazi Suleiman. It is possible; though allergic it is to Junubiin (Southerners), that divisions and new political realignment might emerge. Why? Dr. Lam is from the Upper Nile state, a region infested with hostilities and enmities between the SPLA and the SAF’s other armed groups. For instance Maj. Gen. Gabriel Tanginye, alias Gabriel Gatwech Chan of the Other Armed groups, is still at the corner waiting to forge a coalition with South Sudanese disappointed with the SPLM activities. Moreover dismissing Dr. Lam Akol from the party might mean that the SPLM is targeting politicians of the 1991 Nasir Declaration. The 2nd SPLM Convention in Juba saw a heavy power struggle which nearly remove Dr. Riek Machar. It is still in our memories.




Besides, ninety percent of the Southern public have negative opinion on the direction of the SPLM’s leadership. The SPLM is not interested in addressing land-grabbing in Greater Equatoria, nor is it concerned with blatant human rights abuses committed daily by the SPLA. The people of the South see Lam Akol as a hero and the SPLM’s veteran who championed the right to self-determination with Dr. Riek Machar in Nasir Declaration of 1991. Any attempt to remove him from the SPLM may compel angry Southerners to call for leadership change that may have adverse effects on the overall implementation of the CPA because internecine tribal wars are not uncommon in the South. The people of Greater Equatoria and Greater Upper Nile will find it extremely difficult to absorb the dismissal of Dr. Lam Akol from the SPLM and serious, if not fatal, consequences would ensue.




The Nuer Supreme Council, for the sake of peace, denounces any move the SPLM will undertake to cease participation of her members without reasonable grounds.  The SPLM is a party, and more importantly a ruling party. Just roughly four years ago, marginalized people of Sudan began anew their long-interrupted march towards freedom, justice, and peace. People hoped to join the SPLM circle of democracy, not the other way around.




The NSC, with due respect, calls upon the SPLM Political Bureau to reverse uncertainties surrounding the party.  There are no basic grounds that warrant expulsion of Dr. Lam Akol, a selfless veteran of our struggle. The dismissal of Dr. Lam Akol and Ghazi Suleiman is nothing more than Balkanization of the party, which South Sudanese cannot condone. 


The Nuer Supreme Council is voicing its concern to the Sudanese people that there is internal conflict of interest within the SPLM party that will not bring good governance.  We are calling upon the allies of peace in Sudan to intervene to resolve the differences before any measure split.   Those who are working for their personal gains are not the allies of peace. Their motto is to dismantle the membership of some politicians for their personal interests.   Therefore, the NSC urges all SPLM supporters worldwide to stay united and work for the progress of the party.  Let’s not judge Dr. Lam Akol and Mr. Ghazi Suleiman, our freedom fighters, through influences of others who want to eliminate them. Stay united for the war with NIF is not over yet. The struggle continues…


The Nuer Supreme Council




Gatkuoth Bim Nyoak, President


Daniel Buom Met, Vice President


James Nguen Nyol, Secretary General


Nhial Korow Wicleek, Secretary of Finance


Peter Reat Gatkuoth, Information and Public Affairs


Contact: [email protected]


Tel. (403) 481-0663

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