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Media Release: Preparations of Young Anya-Anya
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Dec 21, 2009 - 10:36:05 AM

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Media Release

Immediate, December 21 2009


Preparations of Young Anya-Anya

[JUBA]It is with pleasure that the Young Anya-Anya announces publicly its preparations and readiness to develop into a fully fledge self-governing political organization. As an intrinsic part of SPLM/A or mother Anya-Anya, the Young Anya-Anya, shall be independent and will act rigorously as a check on the political situation in Sudan as well a conscious, tribune and guardian of society—to ensure Sudanese live in harmony with one another. Moreover it will complement efforts of progressive groups and the marginalized people in order to stop excesses of structural injustices which are the major causes of constant violent conflict in the Sudan.

It has as its principal intention to build a progressive society rooted in human rights values, durable peace, and advocate for an open space to realize a fruitful developmental state that is equally sustainable. It will thus work to guard against criminal seizure of state power for personal enrichment and benefaction of selfish ends. The coming weeks and months would see the rolling out of our activities and intensification of our mobilization and campaign to kick start in earnest the joint endeavor for constructive democratic change in the Sudan.

Young Anya-Anya believes the process for transforming Sudan must be own by Sudanese citizens themselves. Leaving war-crimes-addicted National Congress Party—lacking in political will, good faith action, and necessary commitment to build stable peace—to continue determining rules for reforms is wrong. A thorough rethink of our country transformation policy is certainly needed. We, the Young Anya-Anya, are ready to lead the way forward in conjunction with all Sudanese.

It is why we seek first to really heal mainstream SPLM/A and ensure it is a well organized, informed, responsible and forward-looking political movement capable of governing the country adequately; and to lead all marginalized people and progressive institutions in the Sudan. The Anya-Anya or SPLM/A has always been a true people’s power—a home for every Sudanese civic activist and agents of positive change.

It is our moral obligation to urgently assist resolves the near debilitating challenges threatening to render the people’s movement irrelevant and obsolete. We will work cleverly and creatively to support configuration of the organization into a true broad-based peoples movement: able to lead joint efforts to transform Sudan and bring about good democratic governance including even economic prosperity and a just lasting national peace.

Membership of Young Anya-Anya is open to all Sudanese nationals and citizens irrespective of age, creed, and race. We welcome youth, the young in heart, and any person willing to contribute to the agenda for a just democratic transformation and a better future for the Sudan.

We are calling on all Sudanese to support and join us in the struggle to defeat the enemy of peace, development, lawful democratic governance, justice, mutual respect and healthy coexistence—represented by the person of Omar Bashir and his decadent National Congress Party. Let us act now. Together we believe we can change the mode of governance in Sudan for the better. We would like to hear from you, become a member now.

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