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Undersecretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs briefs US Senate delegation on the situation in the country
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Feb 19, 2010 - 7:31:50 AM

Undersecretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs briefs US Senate delegation on the situation in the country


Khartoum, Feb 18 (SUNA) - The visiting US Senate delegation led by Senator Richard J. Durbin, Assistant Majority leader of the US Senate were Thursday briefed on the overall political developments in the country and the efforts exerted to reach a peaceful solution to the question of Darfur as well as the election process currently underway. The official spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Muwia Osman Khalid has pointed out in press statements that the government has called on the un tied states to exert more efforts for achieving peace in the Sudan


He said the Sudan has also expressed its appreciation for the assistance provided by the American government for the Sudan in the humanitarian aspects, given the fact that the United States is a major supporter for the humanitarian return programmes


He said the Sudan needs the assistance of the United States of America and the support of the International community in general with the aim of honoring their commitment with regards to the development programme


He said development programme would create stability and peace


He pointed out that the American delegation has shown clear interest in the election process and all the relevant technical aspects and expressed their satisfaction over the development of the situation in Darfur, with special emphasis on the security situation there. He expressed hope that there would be a way to move towards the advancement of the Sudanese American relations


On his part the American Assistant Majority leader, Richard J Durban, has described his meeting with the Sudanese officials as positive and fruitful and that it focused on the development of the situation in the Sudan and that his country has been providing assistance to the Sudanese people and that the Darfur question has been receiving huge attention inside America and the world at large


He pinpointed to the fact that violence has dramatically dropped in Darfur region and that this was one of the positive aspects to be observed



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