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UN Mission in Sudan Expresses its Concern over Recent Violence Surge in a Number of Southern States
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Jan 11, 2010 - 8:24:52 AM

UN Mission in Sudan Expresses its Concern over Recent Violence Surge in a Number of Southern States


Khartoum, Jan. 10 (SUNA)- The United Nations mission to Sudan has expressed its concern over the violence incidents in south Sudan which escalated during the past two weeks, referring to reports on the death of more than 150 persons and the wounding of a big number of persons, including displaced people. The special envoy of the UN Secretary General in Sudan, Ashraf Qazi, has appreciated the efforts being exerted by the Government of South Sudan (GoSS) toward containing the situation and urged GoSS to investigate in these incidents and to increase its efforts for reducing the tension in the south. Qazi said that the mission has pledged to extend assistance in this regard for protection of the civilians. He said that the mission launched an air bridge to carry senior government officials in south Sudan and to convey urgent humanitarian assistance from the Government of South Sudan (GoSS) to Athar village in Jongli State. He said that humanitarian aid agencies will bring more relief materials for the victims of this attack in the coming days. Qazi indicated that the UN mission has sent peace-keeping forces to Watchway area in Warap State, which witnessed the death of tens of people in tribal disputes over livestock by the end of December, toward alleviating the tension at the area and preventing occurrence of retaliation attacks. He added that the UN peace-keeping forces were accompanied by representatives of humanitarian agencies so as to conduct evaluation of the humanitarian situation on the ground, especially with regard to the displaced people who escapes after the violence incidents. Qazi said that the UN mission will continue to work with the limit of the jurisdiction given to it and its capabilities to help the Government of South Government (GoSS) put an end to the escalating violence in south Sudan and live up to its responsibilities for protecting the civilians. MO/MO

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