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The National Unity and other Parties back and second the nomination of Omar Bashir as Presidential candidate
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Jan 11, 2010 - 8:42:21 AM

The National Unity and other Parties back and second the nomination of Omar Bashir as Presidential candidate


Khartoum, Jan 11 (SUNA) - The National Unity and other political parties on Monday announced their backing for the nomination of Omar Hassan Al Bashir as candidate for the presidential elections, set for April this year


The political parties which issued an accord document on Monday have stressed the nomination is meant to complete the national and historical role he has been playing, and that he stands as a symbol of national unity, a safety valve for the attainment of the higher national objectives set by the agreements and plans related to the completion of the peace process and democratic transformation


Besides, the document stressed, Bashir stands out as a common denominator who has implemented what his national duties, his historical and constitutional responsibilities dictated with regard to the execution of the stipulations of the peace accords and of the strategic plans


The document, the National Accord Document for the Nomination of Omar Al Bashir, has stressed that the Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed in 2005 and the subsequent agreements such as the Darfur Peace Agreement, the Cairo Accord, the Eastern Sudan agreement, stand as historical pillars in the course of the modern Sudan history, and in pursuit of the objectives that all people in Sudan aspire to achieve and which are represented in putting an end to the war and bloodletting that have impeded the development process in the country, participation in ruing the affairs of the country in a just and fair manner, the division of wealth and sharing of power in a way that would remove any social, political and cultural grievances, exerting more efforts and speeding up steps for the implementation of plans of action agreed upon in line with Interim Constitution with the view to affect democratic transformation and make the desired social peace that lead to political stability a reality


The document said these elements constitute the ground for the country's overture on the world and removal of all siege and all criticisms that have been impeding to a great extent the country's chances of merger with the international economy


They stressed that those same elements form a good ground for competition of the requirements of the comprehensive peace including the implementation of the remaining of the peace agreement, the Darfur accords, the Eastern Sudan agreement, and the Cairo accord, in search for ending and for good the war in Darfur thus moving toward balance development and competing the democratic transformation


The document argued that in all these element the person of Mr./ President Omar Al Bashir, stands as a common denominator who carried out his duties and shouldered his responsibilities with regard to the peace agreements and to the implementation of what remains to be implemented of the provision of those agreements so that the country would move forwards to the implementation of the agreed upon developmental plans that have been set in the country strategic plans that would be achieved in the year 2015 within the country's developmental goals


The document said for the aforementioned reasons the national unity and other parties were convinced to nominate Omar al Bashir to stand for the coming presidential elections set to be held in April this year so that he would complete the national role he has been shouldering and also because he stands out as a national symbol, a security valve for attaining the higher lofty national objectives set in those agreements and accords


They said this would require a deep and thorough dialogue with members and leadership of the National Congress Party and other political parties so that a national accord formula would be reached in the political, economic, social and administrative arenas that would meet the requirements looked for by the citizens and their aspirations for and honorable, free and secure life


The document said the leaders of those parties have agreed to form groups and committees that they would work for the success of what they have agreed upon. It is to be noted that the parties that signed the documents comprise: the Free Will Party, the Ansar Sunna group, the Political Parties Organizations, Group Alliance, Sudanese African Nation Union party, the National Democratic Front, the Popular Forces Movements Party, The Southern Sudan Democratic Forum, the Political -Parties and Organization Forum, the Modern Sudan Political Party, the SPLM- DC, the Moslem Brothers, the Eastern Sudan Front, the United Democratic Party, the Eastern Sudan Democratic Party, the United Democratic Salvation Front, the Beja Congress Party, the Uma National Party, the Sudanese African Untied Party, the Me Sudan Party, the Democratic Unionist Party, the National Progress Party



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