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The National Congress leadership Bureau reviews the results of the elections
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Apr 19, 2010 - 6:26:37 AM

The National Congress leadership Bureau reviews the results of the elections


Khartoum, April 18 (SUNA) - The President of the National Congress party, Field Marshal Omar Al Bashir on Sunday headed the joint meeting of the leadership Bureau of the National Congress and the Higher Committee for Election at the National Congress


The meeting which was equally attended by deputies of the president of the National Congress and the head of the different sectors in the party reviewed the results of the elections which took place last week


The meeting stressed that the upcoming national government that will be formed by Field Marshal Omar Al Bashir, the President of the Republic and the President of the National Congress Party, who got assured about landslide victory in the elections at the executive and legislative levels, based on the delegation awarded to him by the people through the ballot boxes shall not accommodate any of the political parties that had boycotted the elections and there would be no room in it for any political bargaining


The Vice President of the National Congress for Party Affairs, Dr Nafie Ali Nafie, has pointed out that the coming government would be composed of those who are up to part with the confidence and capable to carry out their duty, and it is not necessary that this would be a one party government or two party government. But he said those who boycotted the elections will not be part of the Executive of the coming government


Dr Nafie has pointed out in response to questions by the journalists whether the National Congress will tilt to settlement to please some opposition party leadership, to the chagrin of the outcome of the elections and at the expense of the people choice, Dr Nafie reaffirmed the coming government would not see any attempt to please any person or entity at the expense of the clear will of the people


He said people will see this taking place in the coming days. He said the formation of a national government would not be in that form but would rather be in line with the delegation of the people to the President of the Republic


On the reports dealing the stands of the opposition parties with regards to the election and their evaluation, Dr Nafie stressed that those who took part in the elections only for the sake of winning it and when things become clear to the contrary they renounced those election and walked back on what they pronounced on the fairness of those same elections and the vote count which is far from being questioned as they would be carried in broad day light and under the gaze and keen eyes of all and everybody


He described the stands of the opposition as a setback which was not a surprise as the opposition has originally sought to inhibit the organization of the elections in the first place


He said the outcome of the elections have produced a new political chart in the country and shows that the people in Sudan have made up their mind and left behind their back many political parties in a way that forma radical transformation when they overwhelmingly voted for the National Congress Party as it become the cradle for confidence to protect and defend the homeland


He said this wide support and voting whose number exceed the registered membership of the National Congress Party was what has been discussed by the meeting as this shows the great confidence placed by the people on the party and which the party should translate into meeting the demands of the people in recompense


Dr Nafie has called on the membership of the National Congress and all those who supported the party to look into this victory as a blessing that should be met with appreciation


He expressed his hope that the victory would be a sign and a signal for adhesion to the national congress as its would work to translate into action its ideological references so that people would see it in concrete form internally in the form of legislation and commitment and at the foreign level in the form of its foreign policy and in the international relation and in the economic aspects


He underlined the line to be followed by the National Congress Party would be that which seek the protection of the Sudan against any thing that seek to undermine it and that it would work to make it freer and independent


He said the outcome of the elections and what has been scored have silenced so many tongues and opened news eyes that were blind and ears that were deaf. He said there was no room to question the outcome. He said these elections were not characterized by the voting only but also by the persistence to attend and take part in the process itself


On the threats pronounced by the leader of the Popular Congress Dr Turabi who said they have other means that they would use and which the National congress party knows and which came within his comments that questioned the outcome of the elections and their integrity, Dr Nafie said the national congress is aware of t those methods and means and that it also know the Popular congress would not be able to achieve nay of them, either


On threat by General Malik Agar the Governor of the Blue Nile State, who threatened to go back to the square of war if and when he loses the elections to the candidate of the National Congress, Dr Nafie said he did not come across those or saw those statements


He said Agar has taken part in those elections and competed in them, thus if the outcome is in his favor then he is welcome and if he loses then he has to accept the outcome. He said this is not the last end of the relations between the two sides



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