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The National Congress inaugurates its election campaign in Erikwit
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Mar 23, 2010 - 7:39:22 AM

The National Congress inaugurates its election campaign in Erikwit


Khartoum, March 22 (SUNA) - The State Minister for Information and communications, Dr Kamal Obeid, the candidates of the National Congress for the national constituency (29), along with the Candidates of the national congress for Khartoum State legislature, inaugurated the election campaign of the National Congress in Erikwit quarter 68


The candidates have stressed amid huge popular participation, the commitment of the party to achieve the aspirations of the people and the safeguard unity and face the challenges facing the homeland


Obeid has reviewed the achievements scored by the National salvation revolution since its advent in the developmental, services and security arenas


He said the quest of the National Congress to continue running the affairs of the homeland through the ballot box stem from its keenness to complete the work it has launched


He said the real stakeholders are the Sudanese citizens whose aspirations have to be met and their values and faith protected


He stressed that the Islamic economy which the salvation revolution has committed itself to and for which it has made such huge sacrifices, proved its soundness in face of the international crisis


Dr Obied has commended the stances of the citizens in the constituency non 29 and their backing for the prgramme of the National Congress party and their strong backing for its election campaign


He stressed the national congress would accept the outcome of the election process and called on other parties to do the same as this would be the choice of the Sudanese people


He dismissed arguments by some political parties for the postponement of the elections saying the preparations carried out for the holding of the elections were unprecedented


He said one of the main points the National Congress would fulfill in the service and development domains include the empowerment of strong political leadership and would be implementing an advance educational plan based on scientific research and up-to-date technology


He pointed to some major developmental and infrastructure projects including the Al Gazira agricultural schemes as well as the Dakar- Port Sudan railways


He said there is also a plan to launch a Sudanese satellite that would be used to monitor the major developmental projects in the country


The gathering was also addressed by national congress candidate for the Khartoum state legislature constituency No 40. Babikir Alias


Alias has called for the unity of the national ranks and the participation f the youth in the leadership of the national congress


The head of the National Congress party unit in Erkuit Quarter No 68, Ahmed Al Khidir, commended the backing of the people in the area to the National Congress party, detailing the concerns and the issues of interest to the people in the area. He predicted a landslide victory for the part in the elections



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