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Taha Welcomes Statements of Salava Kiir on Positive Work for unity of Sudan
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May 1, 2010 - 8:04:10 AM

Taha Welcomes Statements of Salava Kiir on Positive Work for unity of Sudan, Says Commission for Referendum would be Announced Next Week


Khartoum, April 30 (SUNA) - Vice - President of the Republic and Deputy Chairman of the National Congress for Executive Affairs, Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, Friday welcomed the confirmations announced by the First Vice - President of the Republic, President of the Government of Southern Sudan and Chairman of Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM), Salva Kiir, regarding positive work for the unity of the Sudan


Taha said in a statement to SUNA that what was declared by Kiir reflected his awareness about the development and progress that would be achieved by the unity of Sudan, besides the capability to overcome any difficulties and impediments to this progress by virtue of unity


He described the statements of Salva Kiir as wise and far-sighted with regard to the future of Sudan


The Vice - President of the Republic announced that the post-referendum issues would be discussed with the same patriotic spirit in order to boost the national unity. Meanwhile, Taha revealed that the coming week would witness the announcement of the formation the Commission for the Referendum of the South Sudan, which will include national and objective personalities. Taha affirmed that the National Congress would deal in responsibly with the SPLM and the other national parties with the aim to consolidate the unity of the country. Taha renewed the commitment of the National Congress to safeguarding the unity of Sudan, saying that the National Congress will do utmost effort through a comprehensive vision to take the practical steps for strengthening the unity, boosting the common grounds and guaranteeing the voluntary right of the people of south Sudan and their free choice for unity and cessation


The Vice President also disclosed that work in the commission for the demarcation of borders is progressing as scheduled and planned, affirming that coordination with the leaders of the SPLM is continuing toward reaching agreement on other joint issues, top of them is the formation of the new government



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