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Sudanese official suggests Stadiums good profitability
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Jan 29, 2010 - 7:33:58 AM

Sudanese official suggests Stadiums good profitability

Luanda - The Angolan government has been encouraged to create effective programmes for profitability of the infrastructures under CAN-2010, by putting them if necessary at disposal of African countries, Angop has learnt.


The opinion belongs to the chairperson of the Sudanese Federation of Football, Kamal Shaddad, on the sidelines of the congress of the African Confederation of Football (CAF), taking place in Luanda.


The official said that he believes on the Angola's potential in matters of infrastructures construction, expressing sensitized with the guarantee of the minister of Youth and Sports.


"I heard the minister saying that the Angolan Government is open to put the infrastructures at the disposal of other African peoples. I feel flattered for this", said Kamal Shaddad, for whom the States should explore the stadiums for various modalities.

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