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Sudanese President praises Vietnamís development achievements
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Feb 18, 2010 - 6:40:35 AM

Sudanese President praises Vietnamís development achievements

Sudanese President Omar Hassan Ahmed El Bashir has expressed his admiration for Vietnamís tremendous economic achievements, saying the Southeast Asian nation has set a bright example in economic development.

Sudan wants to learn from Vietnamís experience in national construction and economic development, President Al Bashir said at a reception for Pham Sy Tam, ambassador to Egypt and Sudan, on February 16.

He said Vietnam has made great strides in developing agriculture, industries, and external economic affairs. From a rice importer, he said the country has become the second largest rice exporter in the world despite the global food crisis.

He proposed convening the first session of the Sudan-Vietnam inter-governmental committee to draw up specific cooperation programmes.

The president recalled his fine impression on Vietnam during his recent visit and affirmed that Sudan wants to boost cooperation with Vietnam in politics, economics, investment, trade, science-technology and culture. He said he is looking forward to receiving Vietnamese leaders in the African nation.

Ambassador Tam welcomed the establishment of the inter-government committee for economic, scientific and technological cooperation and said the two countries should increase the exchange of high-level delegations to promote bilateral cooperation, especially in agriculture.

He also welcomed the Sudanese governmentís goodwill towards the signing of the 2005 peace agreement, as well as its preparations for upcoming elections.

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