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Sudanese Gangs May be Growing in Omaha
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May 5, 2010 - 7:59:42 AM

Sudanese Gangs May be Growing in Omaha

Posted: May 04, 2010 8:39 PM

Omaha, NE - Feeling culture shock and excluded from society, some young Sudanese men find comfort with street gangs. While the organizations are very new, some tell Action 3 News they're becoming very dangerous.

"They're learning and evolving just like our other streets gangs over the years," says Bruce Farrell, president of Midwest Gang Investigations.

"They thought that they have freedom to do what they want to do. That might be the reason why they end up doing some gang activities," says John Deng, Pastor Sudanese Lutheran Church.

Trying to fit in, Pastor Deng says young Sudanese men turn to the streets.

"With the culture shock, they are really in limbo," Deng. Private gang investigator Bruce Farrell agrees.

"There is something missing in their lives. They have some kind of self esteem or parental issues," says Farrell.

It's in school where they say the bonds of brotherhood get made and gangs grow. Sudanese gangs remain small but Farrell says grow more violent each day. He says being different often draws ridicule and power in numbers is all they know.

"Like any group that does that, they then will form alliances to try and protect themselves," says Farrell.

To protect the community, police and Sudanese leaders work together on the issues. Trying to find ways to help these young men deal with their social issues before turning to gangs.

Reported by Dave Roberts, [email protected]


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