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Sudan slams Human Rights Watch
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May 25, 2010 - 7:08:21 AM

Sudan slams Human Rights Watch
Tue, 25 May 2010 06:47:11 GMT
The Sudanese government has called the US-based Human Rights Watch, politicized, saying that it leads the international community to destruction.

The Human Rights Watch (HRW) came under intense grilling by Sudanese presidential adviser Mustafa Osman Ismail, who denounced the New York-based organization over its calls on world leaders to refrain from attending the inauguration ceremony of President Umar Hassan al-Bashir that is to be held in the next few days.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) last year accused al-Bashir of committing war crimes in Darfur.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Mr. Ismail said that HRW is a "suspicious organization," the Sudan Tribune reported.

"What [use] is this organization? Is it a United Nations?...Like 'Save Darfur' this organization is suspicious and has groups that do not respect the will of the people," he added.

"In our view [HRW] is politicized and serves certain pressure groups and has led the international community to destruction and ruin as is evident in its silence on the invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan and the Guantanamo Bay [detention center]" the Sudanese official insisted.

Bashir won the country's first multiparty presidential election in April by garnering 68% of the votes, and is set to be sworn in during the May 27 ceremony.


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