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Sudan Extends Elections Two Days
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Apr 14, 2010 - 7:09:10 AM

Sudan Extends Elections Two Days

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Elections in Sudan have entered the third day after officials extended voting until Thursday to give everyone a chance to cast their ballot.
Logistical problems stalled the start of voting in some areas of Africa's largest country. 
Materials and ballots were delayed, especially in the south, and many people searched for hours to find a polling station. 
National Congress Party Representative Abdulhamid Mohamed.  
[Abdulahim Mohamed, Representative, National Congress Party]:              
"There were some mistakes, but it was technical, so the election commission decided to extend the voting at some polling stations. There were some delays so people had no time to vote, so they decided to extend."  
The extension will strain election officials who are sleeping outside polling stations to protect the ballot boxes. 
The first election in a quarter century is an important step for Sudan, trying to establish a democracy after decades of civil war.              
Many of Sudan's major political parties are boycotting the election, alleging that the vote is rigged in favour of current President Omar al-Bashir.      

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