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Saddiq Al-Mahdi Declares his Election Programme for the Presidency
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Feb 19, 2010 - 7:32:58 AM

Saddiq Al-Mahdi Declares his Election Programme for the Presidency


Khartoum, Feb. 18 (SUNA)- The candidate for the position of the President of the Republic and Chairman of the National Umma Party, Dr. Saddiq Al-Mahdi, Thursday evening declared his election programme through the National Television


He said that his programme focuses on guaranteeing freedoms, establishing the state of social welfare, justice and tolerance emanating from Islam, concern with environment


Al-Mahdi said that he will concentrate on the emhancement of Sudan relations with its neighbours and dealing in a positive way with the international community to solve the issue of the International Criminal Court and Sudan indebtedness


Saddiq Al-Mahdi said that he will work to solve the Darfurian issue by responding to the demands of the people of Darfur by enabling them to participate in the Presidency and the regional authority and the border of 1989, in addition to compensating the displaced people and the refugees


He declared in the context of his election programme presenting a project with agreement of the southern forces for enhancing the unity and presenting a protocol that tackles 12 issues which include the border, oil, water, Abyei, the special areas, the southerners in the north, security, the joint assets, the debts and the cooperation between the Sudanese and the horizons of the future


He said that the peace agreement adopted the views that were presented by the American party and neglected the views of the Sudanese party, a matter that harmed the agreement, especially with regard to the issues of the sharing of power and wealth


Al-Mahdi said that his party (the National Umma Party) has played a role in the peace agreement and supported it, adding that this agreement neglected important issues and failed to establish a national unity government and to make the unity attractive


He said that the elections faces a big challenge that necessitates agreement on a code of election ethics, adding that he presents this issue so that Sudan will not fell in the scenario of the Kenyan elections


He called for commitment to honesty, tolerance, and refrain from the corruption methods. MO/MO

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