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SPLM Chairman, Gen. Salva Kiir should dissolve the Political Bureau and reconstitute it afresh with nationalists BY: Madit Barach Dau, JUBA
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Mar 4, 2010 - 8:21:24 AM


SPLM Chairman, Gen. Salva Kiir should dissolve the Political Bureau and reconstitute it afresh with nationalists

BY: Madit Barach Dau, JUBA  


It is a sad day for the people of South Sudan who have tirelessly, selflessly and vigorously waged war with various successive oppressive regimes in Khartoum since 1955 up to 2005 when the Comprehensive Peace Agreement was inked by the Government of Sudan(GOS) and Sudan people Liberation Movement (SPLM) witnessed by international community. The decision of SPLM Political Bureau on Wednesday 17th February 2010 by disowning the independents in various seats across Sudan and Southern Sudan in particular is the worst decision the SPLM Political Bureau have ever made since it was constituted in 2008 by SPLM Chairman General Kiir Mayardit. The decision is detrimental to the unity of SPLM supporters in the wider Southern Sudan and the effects will soon felt by the SPLM.

The SPLM Chairman, General Kiir Mayardit, should take charge of the peoples party rather than leave it at the mercy of undemocratic vultures who want to ensure the demise of the party before January 2011 Referendum. Certain individuals in the SPLM Political Bureau are not nationalists   and patriotic to our emerging nation of Southern Sudan and that is why they went contrary to the people choice.

How can SPLM Political Bureau disown Heroes the likes Major General Dau Aturjong Nyuol, Lieutenant General George Athor, Alosius Omor Ojotuk, Alfred Ladu Gore, Angelina Teny, Joseph Bakosoro and the list continues?

I think the current members of the SPLM Political Bureau deserve no mercy from the SPLM supporters across the South and people will obviously vote in these disowned SPLM members into power come April General Election 2010. Many SPLM supporters across the South are very much furious and disappointed with this decision of Political Bureau and that is why the Students in various South Universities protested over this weird resolution.

I urge the SPLM Chairman to reverse this divisive resolution so as to enable the party garner majority of votes in the General Elections otherwise chances of SPLM losing many areas in South Sudan are predictable. This is actually a worrying trend.

It has never occurred in democratic political parties in the world such a mass dismissal of members because of their refusal to support undemocratic things. The so-called SPLM official nominees should do a favor to the party by stepping down for the unity of the party.

We should not pretend that everything is alright in the party when in fact the party has been hijacked by a certain clique that lacks democratic norms of free society. We shall never and never accept a dictatorship   of SPLM Political Bureau of imposing candidates on electorates.

The SPLM masses will support a real democratic transformation as enshrined in Comprehensive Peace Agreement, National Interim Constitution and Interim Constitution of Southern Sudan and not the fake democracy of this Political Bureau.

Many of the cited comrades have sacrificed a lot in the armed struggle to ensure people of Southern Sudan achieve their aspirations from Khartoum oppressors who have caused untold suffering, atrocities and injustice since independence.

The incumbent governors in the ten states of Southern Sudan have done nothing substantial with the exception Eastern Equatoria Governor Aloysius Omor Ojetuk who has tremendously developed that state in a wonderful manner in only five years of his governorship. My great congratulations to him and Almighty God be with you all the times. I'm trying to drive to the fact that merits/performance were not considered in the SPLM Political Bureau in all the candidates and Aloysius Ojetuk is a clear indication of that.

It has been rumored that the decision of selecting many so-called SPLM official nominees was based on loyalty to the party which is completely nonsense to cite as a defense. General Kiir Mayardit is a good person to lead the South but certain individuals wants his downfall so as to accuse him of dictatorship and party demise.

You are my Hero, Kiir Mayardit. Dismiss all the political idiots, traitors and self-centered individuals, they have basically embarrassed and let down the party in the eye of the general public. It is good to practice what you say rather than the opposite.

The SPLM Secretary General, Pagan Amum, should stop his bad mouthing or resign, the SPLM is not for him alone and his associates. It is the   party of the marginalized people of the South Sudan, Southern Blue Nile, Nuba   Mountain, Abyie, among others, so there is no way he can stand against the masses' wishes.

I called upon all the SPLM supporters to vote in SPLM Candidate for Presidency of Southern Sudan, General Kiir Mayardit, and vote out all the so-called SPLM official candidates in the ten states of Southern Sudan so as to teach them what is democracy and may Almighty God bless all the independent candidates during their campaign period and win all the seats

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