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SPLM-DC to be renamed in Southern Sudan Capital Juba Next week
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May 11, 2010 - 10:00:23 PM

May 11, 2010 (Khartoum, Sudan): SPLM-C a break away party from the SPLM after the former foreigner Affairs minister felt short of his political engagements in SPLM and her leadership which led to the creation of the SPLM-DC (SPLM Democratic Change) on June 6, 2009 by Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin.

the SPLM-DC participated in the recent elections both from the presidential level as well parliamentary seats throughout Sudan. the SPLM-DC terribly lost to the South Ruling party the SPLM.

In a election review by the party cadres in Khartoum this weekend, it has been unanimously passed that SPLM DC required to rebrand its name from the SPLM DC to the new name to be established and anounced this week.

the renaming or rebranding of the party came in lieu of accommodating the newly and powerful independent members who are currently engaged in negotiation with Dr. Lam Akol the leader of SPLM DC. this is also to distance away from the pretext of similar names with the SPLM which pre-empted to have made confusion during the election.

Dr. Lam Akol disputed election results and believed that the returning officers or the CEO have mistakened votes for SPLM-DC to be for the SPLM a party led by his challenger and the incumbent president of the Government of Southern Sudan Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit.

Dr. Lam Akol the leader of the SPLM-DC have so far emerged with and named almost seven parties being the rebellion during the struggle and the current. his political dynamicism has been of a nomadic style that have moved through various temptations with no clear cut on what are the objectives achieved.

Dr. Lam broke away from the SPLA/M in 1992 joining the NIF in Khartoum and he founded SPLA/M-united which saw none of the progress. the SPLM United was disbanded and renamed Fashoda which also did not lasted in the political sphere of Sudan.

the street commentators suggest and pre-empt that the new name of the SPLM DC supposedly that it carries it mission of democratic change, it will be "Movement for Democratic Change- Sudan" (MDC-Sudan) or "Democratic Party for Change" DP-C.

According to the source, the launching shall be determine by the breakthrough during the SPLM _DC leader's closed meetings with the independents who have lost elections and currently in Khartoum.

a member whom is names will remain withheld "said" we are very optimistic that our meeting will come to agreement and we will launch the new party in Juba, Southern Sudan. we are honored to have agreed as independents and come together and form a new party that will stand and challenge SPLM in the South comes after 2011 when South has suceeded as a country or independent state.

he further went on and said " we cannot leave SPLM to enjoy this freedom of political exercises alone in the Southern. SPLM need a solid political force to move it out of power that it deems to stick too for decades.

Report by Magdelina John, a freelance journalist and student at Juba university in Khartoum. author can be reached on [email protected]

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