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SPLA soldier 'shot dead Kenyans' in Juba, Sudan
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Dec 31, 2009 - 9:38:52 AM

SPLA soldier 'shot dead Kenyans' in Juba, Sudan

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Southern Sudan President Salva Kiir has ordered the court martial of a soldier who allegedly shot dead three Kenyans and wounded two others on Monday.

The soldier from the former rebel SPLA has been arrested.

One of those wounded told the BBC that the sergeant had shot the five, who included a woman, as they were sitting at a bar in the regional capital, Juba.

Some 50,000 Kenyans live in semi-autonomous Southern Sudan, which is slowly rebuilding from 21 years of war.

The Kenyans range from charity workers and traders to casual labourers.

Sudanese authorities say the attack should be treated as an isolated criminal incident.

Survivor Patrick Nyanjui - who was airlifted to Kenya after the attack - told the BBC he was planning to return to South Sudan.

The soldier reportedly had a business relationship with the woman who was shot.

The three bodies have been flown to Nairobi.

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