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SANAD Foundation Issues its Preliminary Report on the Election Process
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Apr 20, 2010 - 6:05:30 AM

SANAD Foundation Issues its Preliminary Report on the Election Process


Khartoum, April 19 (SUNA) - SANAD Charitable Foundation has issued its initial report on the role that it has played in observing the general elections all over the country


The foundation appreciated the prompt corrective efforts done by the National Elections Commission for surpassing the administrative and technical mistakes that appeared during the voting stage


Hereunder is the preliminary report of SANAD Foundation on the elections at all levels country-wide and its role in this regard: - SANAD formed a supreme committee for monitoring and supervising the elections process. 112 observers, according to the plan, and they were entrusted with the observing process in 13 states in the North as well as in the South of the country, as follows :- a) (15) observers in the Nahral-Neil State to cover (56) committees in (36) centers in (8) constituencies


b) (30) observers in Khartoum State to cover (388) committees in (175) centers in (11) constituencies


c) (12) observers in Southern Darfur State - to cover (85) committees in (35) centers in (4) constituencies d) (23) observers in the Greater Upper Nile Sector to cover (85) centers in (9) constituencies


e) (13) observers in the Greater Equatorial Sector to cover (40) centers in (9) constituencies


f) (13) observers to cover (58) centers in (3) constituencies in Greater Bahr El Ghazal Sector


According to the reports submitted by SANAD observers to the Central Operation Room - from the targeted States in the first day - the starting date of the elections process - Sunday the 11th, of April 2010 a great number of the elections centers have witnessed as myriad of administrative, as well as, technical problems, dealing with registrations lists, mistakes in the names and symbols of some candidates and other logistical constrains. All such problems has affected in opening such centers for receiving voters


The prompt corrective steps taken by the National Election Commission, have reduced such negative impact and have contributed to raising the number of voters and streamlined the process during the afternoon period it have been noticed that the heavy presence of local, as well as foreign observers, in addition to the presence of party representatives in the centers, even more than one representative, in addition to the intensive presence of the mass media reporters - local as well as expatriate - have all received full cooperation from the partners of the electoral process. In the North, while such cooperation in the Southern Sates varied from high to lowly


Reports coming to SANAD Charitable Foundation in the second day 12th, of April 2010 confirmed positive proceedings - and the first-day- uncertainties of the staff have been overcome with varying degrees of success and confidence. It is worth mentioning that some of the mistake committed could be related to the lack of experience, insufficient training - but such shortcomings have been overcome in the second day - e.g. the delays and slow process and unnecessarily time consuming progress of such complex process


However, the National Elections Commission has received a myriad of complains from candidates, party representative and agents as wells from voters. Such complaints dealt largely, with the absence of ballots paper in the concerned constituencies. As well as the in congruency of the names of candidates with their respective symbols. Such discrepancies have led to delays - some hours - or freezing the electoral process itself until decisions came from the National Elections Commission. Some voters name were missing in some centers in several southern states, in addition to inconveniencies caused by some members of the legislature and the executive senior staff members of the Government of the Southern Region. The staff of the security agency of Sudan's People's Liberation Army (SPLA) has also been involved in such violations, in addition to various cases of detentions including observers, voters, party agents and representatives and even candidates


Such behavior patterns have led, in some instances to the intervention of national as well as international supervisors and observers - as well as calling upon the National Elections Commission of the Government of Southern Sudan, concerned institutions and civil society foundations to take positive corrective steps


It has been noticed that there was a great enthusiasm amongst voters to take part in the process in both the north and the South. Cooperation between members of the N.E.C. and party representatives and agents, observers, and other concerned parties in relation to the extension of the elections process for two more days. During these two days there were reports of extension supervision from international mass-media agencies and TV channels


In the third day of the elections the 13th, of April 2010, reports showed that the state of tranquility was prevalent, in addition to a decline in administrative and technical deviations - except for the stoppage in some centers due to shortage in ballots papers there was low participation in comparison to the first two days, due to the extension of the process for two more days a behavioral attitude of relaxation


Some limited excesses were also monitored - confirmed to the Northern States centers, in addition to some violations from certain political powers circles - mainly the involvement of some under - aged in the voting process and others - without presenting Identity cards - who were also allowed to vote. This is in addition to some logistical problems in some centers were not primarily well equipped to run the voting process. Some ballots paper books in some geographical constituencies were missing on a large scale. Southern States authorities turned a deaf ear to calls for releasing some of the local observers - two of those arrested were members of SANAD


C. Foundation in KAKA town (Upper Nile State)


A considerable number of international observers participated in the election process in some parts of Sudan, e.g. Carter Centre, the Europeans Union and the Organization of African Union


In the Fourth day- the 14thm of April 2010 reports coming to SANAD C.F. - the central committee referred to the low turnover in participation in the voting process. That was due to the relaxation following extending the dead-line, as well as the completion or nearly completion of the process itself


According to reports from observers, there were objections raised by party agents - or representatives - against the use of "Residence Certificates" as "Identity Cards" for voters


Such reports also mentioned the widespread and noticeable presence of reporters, media agents, representations of the EU, African Union, and the Canadian, Dutch and American embassies staff. Reports also confirmed the stable condition in almost all centers - with the exception of some chaotic behavior incidents were dealt with promptly by the police force. The presence and efficiency of the police force was mentioned favorably in the observers' reports - especially their civilized attitude and behavior towards voters' centers officials and votes who are classified as handicapped special needs group. In the fifth day - 15th, April 2010 in coming reports to the central committee of SANAD C.F. that there was a general air of tranquility, peaceful attitudes, and genuine participation. That is mainly due to the official leave that guaranteed maximum popular participation. Such extensive participation was equally intertwined by noticeable participation on the part of electorate partners. Several press conferences were held. Press coverage was carried on a wide scale e.g. the EU, Arab Nations League, Arabic TV channels, UNIMED and other monitoring agencies


Reports from the Southern States spokes about the atmosphere of stability except for the deplorable acts of violence and assassination in western Bahr El Ghazal State - RaJa town reports hinted at the successes of the police in containing the acts of violence in all southern states


All reports coming to SANAD C.F. supreme committee - throughout the days of elections confirmed the successful running of the electoral process and in an atmosphere of stability, wide participation especially elderly women to handicapped


The election process drew the attention of the international community, the regional community as well their observational participation was considerable



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