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North Darfur Police Forces Contain Riot Incidents in Al-Fasher
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May 3, 2010 - 7:10:43 AM

North Darfur Police Forces Contain Riot Incidents in Al-Fasher


Khartoum, May 2 (SUNA) - A number of citizens, supported by elements of the armed movements and unruly people, staged Sunday morning riot acts in Al-Fasher, the capital of North Darfur State, that targeted strategic sites in the city and the residence of the Wali (governor) of the state, on the backround of closure of Mawaseer incidents market


The Director of the Police Forces in North Darfur State, Maj. Gen. Abdul-Rahman Al-Tayeb Mahmoud, informed the Press Office of the Police Forces that the police forces have confronted the demonstrators and was able to secure the strategic locations in Al-Fasher city


He said that the police forces in Al-Fasher felt the resistance of the demonstrators, a matter that led to confrontations at which the police forces was compelled to use batons and tear gas to disperse them


He said that these confrontations resulted in death of three demonstrators and slight injuring of 25 others who taken to hospital


Maj. Gen. Mahmoud said that 104 accused persons were arrested in these riot incidents


He affirmed that the security situation in North Darfur State is now calm and stable



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