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Four Million Hungry People In Southern Sudan
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Feb 3, 2010 - 7:28:51 AM

Four Million Hungry People In Southern Sudan


ROME, Feb 3 (Bernama) -- The Rome-based World Food Programme said that there are nearly four million hungry people in southern Sudan since last August due to the drought that hit the region and internal conflicts, the Qatar News Agency (QNA) reported.

The coordinator of the WFP Leo Van Der Velden said that the rise in the number of hungry people came shortly before the rainy season, which leads to difficulty in delivering food aid to the population centres.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry said that the internal conflict and attacking the so-called IRA, Uganda and the drought that hit the region had led to the suffering of almost half the population in the south and to the scarcity of food.

The conflict in southern Sudan between the northern and southern tribes has resulted in the killing last year of 2500 people and to displacing about 350 people.

The news agency, citing a broadcast on Radio London, reported that the total population in need of food aid in Sudan amounted to some 11 million people.

In a statement, United Nations said that they are trying to ensure that Sudanese people have enough food aid until next season to harvest in October.


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