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Foreign Ministry Denounces Hostile Statements of Suzan Rice at Security Council
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Mar 6, 2010 - 9:26:49 AM

Foreign Ministry Denounces Hostile Statements of Suzan Rice at Security Council


Khartoum, Mar. 5 (SUNA) - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has described the statements given by the American envoy to the Security Council, Suzan Rice, and circulated by some mass media as far away from accord in views inside the Security Council concerning Sudan and the efforts of contacts being done by objective parties at the American administration itself which are concerned with supporting the ongoing process Darfur and solving the root causes of the issue


In a statement to SUNA, the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry, Muawiya Osman Khalid, said that the statements of ambassador Rice came after a meeting of the sanctions committee of the Security Council which was assigned for discussing issues of three countries other than Sudan, explaining that this sitting was one for informing about procedures, but the American envoy called for including Sudan in the agenda of the committee's meeting so that she can be able to attack Sudan


He said that the deceptive statements of Rice affirms her continuous hostility to Sudan government, adding that Rice is a short-sighted personality whose artificial concern with Darfur did not motivate her to appreciate the so far adopted peace steps or the framework agreement signed with the Justice and Equality Movement that was welcomed by the whole world


Khalid said that Rice also did not know that the recent fighting in Jebel Marra was a dispute inside a rebel faction and that Sudan government has nothing to do with this fighting, adding that it would have been better if Rice meant to focus her efforts in convincing this rebel faction to join the current peace negotiations in Doha


He said that the personal hostility of Rice to Sudan prevented her to recognize that the issue of arms in Darfur can not be solved through sanctions committees, but through a comprehensive peace agreement that can be reached by the ongoing peace process in Doha



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