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Council of Ministers Rejects Decision of the International Criminal Court
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Feb 4, 2010 - 7:33:17 AM

Council of Ministers Rejects Decision of the International Criminal Court


Khartoum, Feb. 4 (SUNA) - The Council of Ministers of the National Unity Government has declared its rejection to the recent decision of the International Criminal Department of the International Criminal Court (ICC) concerning the allegation presented by the General Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) for directing the charge of genocide against the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir


In a statement it issued Thursday, the Council of Ministers described the decision as a new step for expanding the scope of the plotting against Sudan, and aims to impede holding of the coming elections in Sudan. The statement of the Council of Ministers affirmed that the state will go ahead in its plans to hold the coming elections


The Council of Ministers regarded the Criminal Department's decision as a flagrant violation of the sovereignty and independence of Sudan


The Council of Ministers also regarded the decision as aimed to aggravate the suffering of Darfur people and to hamper the ongoing peace efforts, indicating that the decision gives negative signals for the benefit of the rebel movements, a matter that encourages them to refrain from participation in the internationally and regionally- sponsored through the Qatari government and the joint envoy of the United Nations and the African Union


Meanwhile, the Council of Minister asserted that it will go ahead in its plans for realizing political and economic development in Sudan and completing the efforts for solving Darfur issue by implementation of the development and rehabilitation campaigns, resettlement of the displaced people and adopting all the requirements of the peaceful solution of Darfur issue


The Council of Ministers called on all the friends and neighbours of Sudan, the countries and organizations at the region and the African Union and Sudan friends at all forums to reject the decision of the Criminal Department of the ICC and intensify efforts to isolate this unjust court and to prevent the world from its hostile conspiracies that are aimed for colonizing peoples and undermining their dignity


The Council of Ministers affirmed its confidence that all sectors of the Sudanese people are rejecting this decision, calling on all the national political forces to confront the decision by more cohesion, national unity and adherence to the national goals. MO/MO

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