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China Affirms its Support to Just Causes of Sudan
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Mar 24, 2010 - 7:05:47 AM

China Affirms its Support to Just Causes of Sudan


Beijing, Mar. 23 (ASUNA) - China has affirmed its support to the just causes of Sudan at the regional and international forums


This was assured at a meeting held in Beijing between the Chinese Assistant of the Foreign Minister for Western Asia and North Africa and the visiting Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Muawiya Osman Khalid, and the accompanying delegation


The Chinese official appreciated the remarkable progress achieved in the relations between China and Sudan in the past years, referring to the continuous contacts and consultations and exchange of visits between officials in the two countries for consolidating the bilateral relations in all domains


He said that China and Sudan are exchanging respect, support and mutual confidence, established partnership and sharing keenness to strengthening the relations between them and to boost their coordination on the regional and international issues


Meanwhile, head of the delegation and spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Muawiya Osman Khalid, praised the stances of China in support of Sudan at all forums


He also commended the support of China to the efforts for realizing peace in Darfur through its appointment of a special envoy in this regard as well as its stand alongside the ongoing negotiations in Doha


Khalid has appreciated the Chinese support to the elections in Sudan and its sending to a team of observers to monitor the elections in Sudan. He said that the relations between Sudan and china became a model for the South - South relations


The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs met with his Chinese counterpart who stated that the Sino-Sudanese relations reached the stage of the real and strategic partnership


Khalid and the accompanying delegations have visited the headquarters of China News Agency, Radio and TV



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