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Carter Center Issues Initial report on Election Process in Sudan
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Apr 18, 2010 - 6:28:53 AM

Carter Center Issues Initial report on Election Process in Sudan


Khartoum, April 17 (SUNA) - Carter Center has issued a preliminary report composed of 24 papers on the progress of the electoral process in Sudan. The report included Carter Center's appreciation of the Sudanese people for their participation in the peaceful elections, hoping that the other stages will not witness any troubles and will be conducted in full transparency and precision


The report said that the limited political openness that began with the Sudanese election shall be preserved and expanded to underscore the respect of constitutional and human rights


The report expressed the desire of Cater Center that all the political leaders shall engage in genuine dialogue for overcoming all the challenges facing Sudan


Carter Center described the election process in Sudan as a landmark accomplishment which was necessitated by the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), adding that the electoral process an important one with regard to the increasing political and people's participation at it


The initial report stated that the ultimate success of the electoral process depends on the acts and steps that the Sudanese leadership will adopt for revamping the democratic transformation in the country



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