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Candidate of Communist Party for the Presidency Reviews his Election Programme at Sudan Radio
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Feb 18, 2010 - 6:27:09 AM

Candidate of Communist Party for the Presidency Reviews his Election Programme at Sudan Radio


Khartoum, Feb. 17 (SUNA) - The candidate of the Communist Party for the position of the president of the republic, Mohamed Ibarhim Nugud, pointed out that the guarantee for the unity of the homeland depends on the unity of the sentiment and aspirations of the Sudanese people, adding that this is the major point in the programme of his party's election campaign


Speaking to Sudan Radio on his election campaign's programme, Nugud said that unity necessitates adoption of a firm multi-party democracy, balanced development at both the center and the states, realizing permanent stability all over Sudan and just distribution of power and wealth


Nugud said that the Communist Party calls for adoption of what he called "transitional justice" during an interim period for removing political and social bottlenecks


He expressed his call for the system of the Sovereign Council which includes a number of representatives of the Sudanese people, provided that the Parliament and the government are to be responsible for the executive and legislative work before the people, adding that this system of government is better and proper than the presidential government system which offers all powers to the President of the Republic


He also stressed the importance of the independence of the Judiciary and the commitment to the international charters toward expanding the spirit of stability and tranquility among the citizens


Nugud underscored the importance of the nationality of the Armed Forces, adding that the top task of the Armed Forces shall be the defence of the homeland


He called for correction of economic mistakes and adopting policies to govern the banking system, the activity of markets and the distribution of resources to avoid economic crises


He called for concern with the utilization of the sources of water energy and benefiting from the experiences in establishing dams, adding that the economic development shall not contradict with the principle of conservation of environment and the protection of lands and animal resource


Nugud stressed the importance and effectiveness of the industrial and technical education in current era of modern technology, indicating that the technical and industrial education shall go parallel with the academic education


He affirmed that all the mass media shall be national and adherent to objectivity and responsibility in their dealing with the national issues, adding the national mass media shall give due concern to increasing the people's awareness'. MO/MO

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