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Bashir perform the Friday prayer and addressed the support meeting Samrab area
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Feb 20, 2010 - 5:57:00 AM

Bashir perform the Friday prayer and addressed the support meeting Samrab area


Khartoum, Feb 19 (SUNA) -The Candidate of the National Congress Party, citizen Omar Al Bashir, performed the Friday prayer accompanied by the Minister for Defense Gen Abdul Rahim Mohamed Hussein, and Dr Abdul Rahman Al Khidir, the candidate of the National Congress, in the Hajj Mohamed Al Hajj Ali Mosque in the Samrab area in Khartoum North


Following the prayer Bashir addressed the gathering of support and backing for the candidacy of Bashir to the presidency of the Republic organized by the Organization for the Revival of the Islamic Activities in the area


Bashir has stressed that his programme is based on the Islamic Sharia, protection and implementation of the peace agreements, and the unity of the Sudan, as well as provision of basic services such as water, health, education, roads, and bridges all over the country


Bashir stressed that he does not go after a specific political party or a specific view against the others but that they all converge with others on issues that uphold high the values of implementing the values of religion


He called on all people to unite their ranks so that they would spare against foreign threats and to seek common ground in place of looking for issues of controversy and differences


He said the holding of the elections in the Sudan is in fact an implementation of the commitment made by the national salvation to its people and not a response to any foreign pressures


Bashir told the people who gathered to listen to his statement that they would soon hear some good news about the on going negotiations for the realization of peace in Darfur region and that this news would represent the end of the fighting in Darfur region and for good


Bashir thanks the Chadian president Debby for his tremendous efforts in finding a solution to the question of Darfur


Bashir stressed those who think that Darfur would be a cat paw to be used for striking at the Sudan or the national salvation were only day dreaming



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