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Arrest and killing of the student Mohamed Moussa is an international crime and one of organized crime committing by the NCP Government against the people of Darfur
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Feb 12, 2010 - 11:39:53 AM

إعتقال وقتل الطالب محمد موسي جريمة دولية وتعتبر إحدي الجرائم المنظمة التي ترتكبها حكومة المؤتمر الوطني ضد سكان دارفور



Sudan February 12, 2010


                                   Urgent - Sudan


Arrest and killing of the student Mohamed Moussa is an international crime and   one of organized crime committing by the NCP Government against the people of Darfur


With more sadness and resentment the Darfur Democratic Forum received the information of arrest and of killing of student Mohamed Moussa Abdullah Bhr Elldeen (25 years), University of Khartoum, class three, who died after being tortured by the Sudanese security service, the institution that is playing the role of the qualifiers and displacement of opponents of the National Congress Party, a student Mohammed Mussa, member of United People's Front (UPF) which is headed by Abdel Wahid Mohammed Nur was arrested on Wednesday, 10/2/2010, in front of the Faculty of Education, University of Khartoum, at 5:30 pm by a vehicle belong to the security service, and was found dead on Thursday, 11/2/2010, firing inside a school in the Nile City, and after a communication from the school police moved in and carried the body to the morgue of Omdurman.


The students campus/ interior where the student Mohamed has Mussa been living in had been burned on January 9, 2010 (Al Waleed students campus, University of Khartoum, Room No. 4, Salon Darfur). The body found in full of the deceased in the head and many injuries in the body, his parents refused to receive the body and the police refused to give them the medical report.


It is noteworthy that there are many such instances in which the peoples of Darfur subjecting , that can be described that the majority of the motives attributed to racial factors in addition to the activities of the victim. In last July young man in his twenties had died in the hands of police in Al Droushab police office after has been tortured without reason, and when activists tried to move the issue/case and to see the medical report the police has refused to give the medical report and also prevented the activists and the death family from photographing the deceased body.



The Darfur Democratic Forum strongly condemns the conducting of arbitrary arrests by Sudanese authorities against Darfurian activists , all political and human rights activists in Sudan, that would drag them to the situation will not able to pay its price sooner or later, and states that these arrests are a blatant violation of human rights and all international conventions, especially Article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which states that no one shall be arrested or detained arbitrarily, and no one shall be deprived of his liberty except on grounds provided by law and in accordance with the procedure established therein.



The Darfur Democratic Forum calls for the Sudanese authorities to do quickly to make and clarify the circumstances of the arrest and the death of the student Mohamed Moussa and punish the perpetrators of the crime and all criminals who are shedding the blood of the people of Darfur, whether in the Territory or elsewhere in the region of the Sudan. The DDF calls for the Sudanese authorities for the necessarily of to activate and respect the international, regional conventions and their obligations.


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