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Arab and international circles welcome the Doha framework agreement
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Feb 25, 2010 - 7:13:21 AM

Arab and international circles welcome the Doha framework agreement


Doha, Feb 22 (SUNA) - The Frame Work Agreement signed between the Government of Sudan and the Justice and Equality Movement JEM in Doha, Qatar, on Tuesday received wide Arab and international acclaim


The Government of Syria welcomed the deal saying Damascus sees the agreement as an important step towards the resolution of the Darfur question. Damascus expressed hope that this would be a prelude that would achieve other positive objectives including the unity and stability of the Sudan


The Egyptian Foreign Minister, Ahmed Abu Al Ghait, has on his part welcomed the agreement the government signed with JEM saying he believes the agreement was a correct reconciliatory move in the right direction towards pulling the curtain down on the Darfur crisis


The head of the Egyptian diplomacy has commended the regional efforts that were exerted and which convinced JEM to strike the deal


He expressed hope that other armed rebel movements would join the moves seeking to find a deal that would peace stability and security prevail in the region


He commended the Qatari efforts and the international endeavors that seek to unify the different Darfuri movements and convince them into joining the peaceful negotiations with the government


The diplomat said Cairo hopes the deal would be an incentive to spur other Darfuri movements into embracing unity of their ranks and naming their representatives for the peace negotiations with the government in a bid to reach a peaceful settlement allowing for concentrating into development efforts and making the people of Darfur taste the dividends and fruits of peace. He said Egypt is also hopeful the international community would double its efforts to flesh the promises for improve the lot of the people on the ground in Darfur


He said it was within this framework that Egypt would be working with the Jeddah -based Islamic Conference Organization and Turkey during the upcoming Darfur rehabilitation and reconstruction conference set to take place in Cairo on Marsh, 21, to make the event a window to be used by the world community for shipping assistance that would help boost stability in the region in line with the agreement reached in Doha, In Tokay, Japan, the government praised the framework deal in a statement its foreign ministry issued on Wednesday


The Japanese Ministry for Foreign Affairs paid tribute to the Qatari State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Bin Abdallah Al Mahmood and to the chief mediator of the UNAMID, Mr Djibriel Basole


The Japanese ministry has expressed hope that this agreement would achieve more progress on the ground towards reaching a lasting and inclusive deal for all parties concerned


Germany has meanwhile welcomed the agreement saying this was a step in the path leading to a comprehensive peace in the region


The Ministry spokesperson has urged for a speedy implementation of the deal and urged other rebel groups to join in. MA/MA

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