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Al Bashir officially nominated for Presidency of the Republic
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Jan 12, 2010 - 7:18:53 AM

Al Bashir officially nominated for Presidency of the Republic


Khartoum, Jan 12 (SUNA) - The National Elections Commission on Tuesday received the official record and documents nominating citizen Omar Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir as candidate in the election for the Presidency of the Republic


The documents were handed by the National Committee set to handle the issue of the nomination of Al Bashir. The committee is headed by citizen Abdul Rahaman Mohamed Hassan Swar Eddahab, and it presented the documents and record in the presence of Ustaz Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, the Vice President of the Republic and the Deputy Chairman of the National Congress party for the Executive Affairs. Present were also a number of leaders and representatives of the parties of the Government of National Unity


Swar Eddhab has pointed out in press statements following the presentation of the documents and the record that they presented the relevant documents for the candidacy of Al Bashir officially for the coming election set for April this year. He stressed that they look forward to free and fair elections in which all Sudanese would take part and which will be witnessed by the whole international community


Ahmed Ibrahim Al Tahir member of the National Congress Party and the Parliament speaker told the press that some 31,102 legible registered citizens have seconded the nomination of citizen Al Bashir to stand in as presidential candidate in the coming election


He explained that the national committee groups a number of personalities from the various political parties and parties of the Government of National Unity besides a number of head of suffi sects, religious leaders, native administration representatives, as well as Christian and Muslim clergymen


He stressed that the National Congress party is ready for the coming elections at all levels


Engineer Abdullah Massar, the Presidential advisor and head of the Umma Patriotic Party, said immediately after receiving the nomination documents, the chairman of the technical committee in the National Election Commission General Al Hadi Mohamed Ahmed issued a document specifying reception of the candidature and thus Al Bashir has officially become a candidate. He said those who seconded Al Bashir came from 25 states around the country, which is double the number required for the secondment, saying that the required number is fifteen thousand illegible voters whereas those who actually came out to second Al Bashir are over thirty one thousands voters from twenty five states whereas the required number of the states in this matter is only eighteen states



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