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Al-Bashir inaugurates work in Al Fashir - Um Kadada Road
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Jan 15, 2010 - 7:16:46 AM

Al-Bashir inaugurates work in Al Fashir - Um Kadada Road


Al Fasher, Jan. 14 (SUNA)- President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omar Al Bashir, Thursday launched at Al-Fasher, at kilometer zero the beginning of the work in Al Fashir - Umkadada Road Sector , part of the Western Salvation Road, which extends to 168 kilometers


Sector 2 of the road which extends from Al-Nuhud to Umkadada, 121 km, will be launched next week


The first sector of the road will be implemented by the Chinese Poly Company in collaboration with Danfodio Company


Addressing a huge rally in the site of the road, President al-Bashir vowed to complete Western Salvation Road


The President gave a brief account about the number of the agreements that were signed as well as the sectors of roads that were implemented, including Nyala - Kass - Zalingei besides building number of bridges over the valleys


The President pointed out that the rebels have frustrated the work in this road since 2003 and suspended a number of development projects which were scheduled to end the water problem by the year 2005


President Al-Bashir said it was decided that Darfur be included in the national network of electricity through the power plant of Al-Fula, adding that the current situation in Darfur would have changed along time ago, had it been not for rebellion that stopped work in development in the region


He also stressed that reconstruction and development of Darfur comes within the already specified development programmes away from any elections gain, enumerating the benefits of roads


The President awarded the Order of Merit to Engineer Hamid Mahmud Al-Wakeel, the Director General of National Authority for Roads and Bridges, in recognition of his continued efforts and outstanding performance


Governor of North Darfur State, Osman Mohamed Yousef Kibir, on his part, described the start of the work in Umkadada Sector as the starting point to complete a nation building and said that the Western Salvation Road was the lifeline for the Darfur region


He referred to the social, political, economic and security benefits of the construction of the road, affirming that it will bring about peace and goods and services exchange, describing it as the vein that carries blood to the heart of Darfur


He assured all companies operating in the implementation of the road that the government would be keen on protecting the workers in this road so as to create the appropriate environment, urging the citizens to participate in securing the workers, saying that security is everyone's responsibility


Addressing the ceremony, Minister of State at the Ministry of Roads and Bridges, Dr. Al- Fateh Mohamed Sa'eed, pointed out that the sector of Umkadad -Al Fashir is one of the sectors that make up the Western Salvation Road, which has been a dream for the people of Darfur


The Minister explained that the people were unamimously agreed on Wednesday on the nomination of President al-Bashir as candidate for the presidency in the upcoming elections because he is going to make their aspirations come true, pointing to the government keenness to construct roads in Darfur, saying that they represent 10% of the length of the national roads in Sudan, which is about 12000 kilometers


In the same context, President al-Bashir received a document of pledge from the parties of the Government of National Unity in North Darfur, in which they vowed to stand with the President during his candidacy in the elections for the Presidency of the Republic


The occasion was also addressed by representative of Chinese Poly Company which will implement Umkadada - al Fashir Sector, expressing readiness to continue the cooperation with the Sudanese companies



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