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Al-Bashir Affirms State Determination to Enhance Capabilities of Joint Forces
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Mar 3, 2010 - 7:28:19 AM

Al-Bashir Affirms State Determination to Enhance Capabilities of Joint Forces


Maridi, Mar. 2 (SUNA0- President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, pointed out that the state will work to enhance the capabilities and armament of the Joint Forces in a manner that will enable them to confront the attacks of the Lord Resistance Army (LRA) in West Equatoria State


Addressing a mass rally in Maridi, West Equatoria State, Al-Bashir said that the national unity government will do its best to boost the basic services in the area at the fields of water, electricity, education, agriculture and health


Al-Bashir his donation of a number of tractors to Maridi area for increasing the agricultural production and the cultivated area


He said that the state is determined to establish a factory of Mango and pineapple canning in Maridi area, adding that this factory will contribute to the employment of manpower and enhancing the citizens' living conditions


He gave a directive to the Civil Aviation Corporation to carry out rehabilitation of Maridi airport so as to contribute to reactivation of the trade activity at the area


Meanwhile, the Presidential Advisor and member of the national committee for the election of Omer Al-Bashir, Dr. Ahmed Bilal, called on the citizens of Maridi to support the election of Omer Al-Bashir to presidency in the coming elections


He said that voting for Omer Al-Bashir in the coming elections will lead to completing the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA)


The mass rally was addressed by the Minister of Labour, Maj. Gen. Alison Manani Magaya, and the former Vice President of the Republic, Joseph Lagu. MO/MO

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