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Aggar: People's Consultation is the Real Guarantee for Unity of Sudan
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May 1, 2010 - 8:10:57 AM

Aggar: People's Consultation is the Real Guarantee for Unity of Sudan


Damazine, April 30 (SUNA) - The Wali (governor) of the Blue Nile State, Malik Aggar, Friday addressed a mass rally in Bau, Blue Nile State, on the occasion of his election, affirming that the success of the People's Consultation in the Blue Nile State is the real guarntee for the unity of Sudan and would contribute to solving other disputes in Sudan


He said that dissemination of the culture of consent among the Sudanese people is the genuine safeguard for the unity of the Sudanese soil, urging the people of Bau area to assume their role in the achievement of the unity of Sudan


Meanwhile, Aggar Friday briefed the last meeting of the government of Blue Nile State in Damazine on the general situation in his state following the recent elections


The Minister of Social Welfare and spokesman of the Blue Nile government, Babiker Abu-Halima, said in a statement to SUNA that Aggar has thanked the outgoing government of the two partners, and appreciated its cooperation and keenness for realizing the stability, peace and development in the Blue Nile State


Abu-Halima explained that Aggar promised to continue his efforts with the federal government and the government of South Sudan to for supporting the development and stability of the state


He said that members of the outgoing government congratulated the Wali for obtaining the confidence of the people of Blue Nile State



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